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October 2016

Interview: Ken Yates, “Huntsville”

In his latest project, “Huntsville,” Ken Yates anchors his music firmly in the soil of northern Ontario, a place he clearly loves. “It’s the kind of place where you wonder what it would be like to leave civilization behind, build… Continue Reading →

Advocating for Change: Revise the P2 Visa Requirements

This morning I sent an important message to my senators and representative.  Some of you no doubt will have seen the recent article on Huffington Post Canada highlighting the inordinately high, if not downright prohibitive, costs for Canadian musicians to… Continue Reading →

GDW Musings: #tbt Steph Cameron – “Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady”

This album first came to my attention when it was included in the 2015 Polaris Prize longlist.  I suspect I was not the only person who was unfamiliar with Steph Cameron’s music, so I placed an order for the CD… Continue Reading →

GDW Musings: Alan Doyle & The Beautiful Gypsies, Mississauga, 21 Oct. 2016

After whetting our appetite with a performance during the Harvest Picnic festival in August, we were excited to learn that Alan Doyle and The Beautiful Gypsies would be playing at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, ON, during a weekend… Continue Reading →

GDW Musings: Emily Millard – “By Heron & By Season”

During our recent trip to Toronto, I was determined to find a copy of Emily Millard’s new project, “By Heron & By Season.”  It took several stops but we finally snagged a CD – and I am so happy we… Continue Reading →

GDW Musings: Justin Rutledge, Hamilton, 20 Oct. 2016

Inspired by the terrific new album “East” by Justin Rutledge, we made the rainy road trip back across the Peace Bridge into Ontario to see Justin perform live at Mills Hardware in Hamilton, ON.  Arriving promptly at the “Doors Open… Continue Reading →

GDW Musings: #tbt This Canadian Music Thing: a Retrospective

It was back around 2007 when, on a whim, L picked up a copy of “Courage & Patience & Grit” by Great Big Sea, a band of obscure Newfoundlanders unknown to us, but a cover “that looked interesting.”  Until breaking… Continue Reading →

On Bob Dylan and Being Gratefully Humbled

When Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Literature was announced last week, I posed the question (and it was just a question, not a criticism) whether music is in fact a subset of literature.  What I did not expect were the… Continue Reading →

In the Studio Alert: Elliott Brood

Excited to see that another Elliott Brood project is underway: Steve adding some drums to a quite one “Adeline” #newsong new Album in the works. #elliottbrood — Elliott BROOD (@ElliottBROOD) October 12, 2016 Hopefully we’ll hear some new songs… Continue Reading →

GDW Musings: Justin Rutledge – “East”

I always thought that the 2013 release “Valleyheart” would be a tough act to follow for Justin Rutledge.  It was naturally unfair to compare the 2014 “Daredevil” tribute album of Hip covers, so the new release “East” was to be… Continue Reading →

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