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April 2017

Interview: Rodney DeCroo, “Old Tenement Man”

Once I’d heard Rodney DeCroo’s forthcoming album, “Old Tenement Man,” I absolutely could not get it out of my mind. Songs like “I’ve Got a Mirror, I’ve Got a Gun” (exploring how pain can turn into art, sometimes in unhealthy ways) and… Continue Reading →

Hanging on Hunter St. With Ron Hawkins

Many references have been made previously about the Blue Rodeo concert last September in Brantford, ON, and how the show became an inspiration for the creation of this blog.  And I fondly recall the announcement of an opening act by… Continue Reading →

Interview: The Wellington Folk, “Reverie”

I was meandering through the Regional Top Ten lists from this year’s CBC Searchlight competition not too long ago when I came across one band that especially caught my ear.  The Wellington Folk, based in Calgary, feature an uptempo sound that… Continue Reading →

FBF: Remembering That First Taste of Live Canadian Music

As we wrapped up my post-concert review for the Joel and Bill Plaskett concert in Hamilton, ON, recently, we linked to a previous piece written illustrating how Joel Plaskett was indeed the first Canadian artist we had the pleasure to see… Continue Reading →

Interview: Campbell Woods, “Oxford Street”

Singer-songwriter Campbell Woods will shortly release his debut album, “Oxford Street.”  However, if he had not explicitly told me it was his first project, I would never have guessed… this is a polished, seasoned collection of songs, and should make… Continue Reading →

CMW 2017: Provincial Showcases

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to CMW 2017 (Canadian Music Week) in Toronto, you’ll have the opportunity to hear some of the best and brightest artists from across Canada.  Here are links to several of the provincial showcases…. Continue Reading →

Under the Mojo Stars’ Influence: Album Review

With their recent release “Under the Influence,” Vancouver-based The Mojo Stars have ended a seven-year recording hiatus that saw them add color to their sound with B3 and saxophone players.  As terrific as their previous release, “Devil’s Advocate,” was, the… Continue Reading →

Take A Chance On Me: The Marrieds, “Fire in the Flame”

Team GDW have recently found numerous new artists/albums (that are completely unknown to us) in an assortment of places: used CD stores, flea markets, thrift stores, and so on.  Given that such purchases are both inexpensive and made entirely on… Continue Reading →

Bill & Joel Plaskett Bring Solidarity to Hamilton

Fresh off our return journey from London, ON, the prior weekend, Team GDW were back on the road  last Friday in anticipation of a wonderful evening with Joel Plaskett at The Studio in Hamilton, ON.  Shortly after the inception of… Continue Reading →

Release Day Interview: Chris Antonik, “Monarch”

With the release of his new album, “Monarch,” Chris Antonik is opening a new chapter in his musical career – a more personal, inward-focused approach that sees Antonik exploring questions of forgiveness, redemption, and moving past the inevitable stumbling blocks… Continue Reading →

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