To me, Christmas isn’t more than three months away – it’s only three days away.  We’ll awaken Friday (15 September) to a plethora of presents under the autumnal trees – new albums from Elliott BROOD, David Myles, the Karpinka Brothers, and Wilderness of Manitoba, just to name a few.  How did we get so lucky to have a Super Friday in September???

Elliott BROOD – “Ghost Gardens”

One of our perennial favorites, Elliott BROOD returns Friday with a collection of tunes reminiscent of their early days.  (In fact, some of them were written in their early days.)  Look for shades of Simon & Garfunkel, along with all the terrific Elliott BROOD sounds we’ve known and loved since the band began.  (Check back here at GDW for an interview with the band about the new album, coming tomorrow.)

Visit Elliott BROOD’s website.

Preorder “Ghost Gardens” here.


David Myles – “Real Love”

David Myles has proven to be the veritable chameleon of Canadian music over the span of his career – from hiphop to tender ballads to pop/rock, he’s shown he can master any genre and make it his own.  With this project, David takes on 1950s/1960s rockabilly tunes, and – as ever – turns them into something wholly unique.  We dare you to try sitting still once you put this album on – we’re betting it will be impossible.  (Bonus points for one of our favorite album covers so far this year – a perfect evocation of the 1960s if ever there was one.)

Visit David Myles’ website.

Preorder “Real Love” on vinyl here.


The Karpinka Brothers – “Talk Is Cheap”

If you haven’t yet heard of The Karpinka Brothers, this is the perfect time to get acquainted with them.  Hailing from Saskatchewan, they have a wondrous 1960s rock sound paired with terrific, positive, cheerful lyrics.  (Not for nothing are they often called “the nicest brothers in the music business.”)  With this new project, they take a big step forward with their sound, not only creating a huge, full sound for their Everly Brothers/Buddy Holly-esque style, but also alternating lead singing duties for the first time.  Like David Myles’ album, this record will also have you up and dancing in no time – and you’ll feel better about yourself in the process. (You can read an interview with them here on GDW this Friday.)

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Preorder “Talk Is Cheap” on Bandcamp.


The Wilderness of Manitoba – “Across the Dark”

The Wilderness of Manitoba return with their latest full-length record (they released an EP last spring) and it’s a wondrous surprise.  The group, which has so often specialized in moody folk songs, open the album with some sunny pop sounds.  Both M and I immediately had thoughts of Fleetwood Mac’s sound (“Rumours”-era) upon hearing those first songs, and we were totally delighted to hear them.  For those fans who love the moody folk sound, worry not – that’s also present on the album.  But it’s wonderful to hear TWOM spreading their wings a bit and proving their versatility.

Visit The Wilderness of Manitoba’s website.

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~ L