Big Little Lions Celebrate Canadian Songwriting Competition Win With Live Video Release

Big Little Lions

Big Little Lions’ song “Find Your Tribe” from their latest album “Alive and Well” just won the Canadian Songwriting Competition in the folk/singer-songwriter category, and they have a new live video to mark the occasion!

Paul and Helen spent time in Nashville during their North American album release tour, and recorded a session of live performances featuring tracks from the new album  “Find Your Tribe” is the first release to come from this session and shows what true multi-tasking really looks like.They use every limb, and then some, to produce a full band sound from just 2 people.

Taken from their latest album, “Alive and Well,” this project dances from songs that acknowledge human frailty and modern preoccupations to anthems of hope and resistance. It turns the Lions’ illuminating songwriting to the tasks of buoying spirits, inspiring sing-a-longs, and lighting candles of optimism in difficult times. The new album has been featured on Canadian Beats, Canadian Musician, CBC Radio One, Great Dark Wonder, Live in Limbo, Spill Magazine, Stingray Music Channels and Vue Weekly to name a few. The title track reached number 8 in the CBC Music Top 20 chart and stayed on the chart for 5 weeks. Watching Big Little Lions on stage, audiences will understand what the closing lyrics of Alive and Well proclaim so clearly, when people gather to share music, “love is all there is.”

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Listen to “Alive and Well” on Spotify.

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