Build Your Collection of Canadian Music

The range of music to be found in Canada is immense, to say the least – we at Team GDW have undertaken to introduce you to as much of it as we can, but for every album we feature, there are dozens more we could recommend.

To that end, we present this list of suggestions for starting – or enhancing – your Canadian music collection.  These are some of our favorites, and represent (we hope) a cross-section of genres, geography, and languages.  As we discover new albums, we’ll periodically add to this list, so check back often.

A note about the links: yes, these are Amazon affiliate links.  We have no illusions that we’ll ever break even (let alone make a living) with these links, but any income that we do generate will go towards the care and feeding of this blog.  We do encourage you to support your local independent record store first and foremost, but if you don’t have one or they don’t carry one of the albums listed below, please consider using our links to purchase.

The Basics

Album U.S. Canada
Blue Rodeo, “Live at Massey Hall”
Justin Rutledge, “Valleyheart”