GDW Musings: Zachary Lucky – “Everywhere a Man Can Be”

Although I’m not a traveling musician, I’ve nevertheless done a hefty amount of solitary road-tripping in my time, across the American Midwest, South, and New England.  So when Zachary Lucky sings of the dark loneliness of an interstate at 3 a.m., I definitely know whereof he speaks.

This is a lovely set of songs from Lucky, billed on his Bandcamp site as “the laureate of the lonesome song.”  The moniker fits; solitude is a common theme throughout – the quiet of late-night travel, the loneliness of tough decisions that life sometimes brings, the devastation of losing one’s love.

“Everywhere a Man Can Be” is solid evidence that music does not need to be either loud or overwhelming to be moving and impactful.  The songs are quiet, deceptively so; like a flowing stream, the gentleness at the surface masks the strong currents underneath.  I plan on enjoying and digesting this album for a long time to come.

~ L

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