GDW on Today’s Blue Rodeo Announcement

So, today was Blue Rodeo’s first-ever Facebook live stream – which, sadly, Greg missed.  However, the guys shared the exciting news of 1) a release date for their new album, “1000 Arms” (28 October) and 2) the sale date for 2017 Canadian tour tickets (also 28 October).  If you check out the website, it’s been reskinned today to match the album design (and looks spiffy!).

In anticipation of today, Team GDW have been compiling a wish list of songs that we’d love to hear live.  (Caveat: it’s entirely possible that Blue Rodeo have been including some of these in their set lists of yet, but we’ve not been fortunate enough to hear them ourselves.)  Some of the songs are available on Spotify so we’ve thrown together a playlist there that’s included below.

Both lists are in no particular order:

M’s list ~

Side of the Road (Nowhere to Here) (in lieu of “Disappear”)
Falling Down Blue (Tremolo) (in lieu of “Try”)
So Far Away (Small Miracles) (in lieu of “Rose Coloured Glasses”)
Losing You (Blue Road DVD) (in lieu of “Lost Together”)
Never Look Back (The Things We Left Behind) (no comparison)

Bonus: Florida (Diamond Mine).  In lieu of “What Am I Doing Here” (just to hear the story about the drive)

M’s caveat: I’m in no way suggesting that the “in lieu of” tracks should be replaced.  It would be a crime if any of the frequent songs were omitted from the set list.

L’s list ~

(I didn’t think about what the songs might replace… just about what I’d want to hear, LOL.)

Comet (Palace of Gold)
Montreal (Casino)
Walk Like You Don’t Mind (Palace of Gold)
Bitter Fruit (The Days in Between)
Are You Ready (Are You Ready)
Cinema Song (The Days In Between)
Never Too Late (In Our Nature)
Venus Rising (The Things We Left Behind)

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