Now collected on one page: we’ve had the great good fortune to interview some terrific artists here at Great Dark Wonder.  Scroll through, discover some new artists, and get reacquainted with others you thought you knew.

Interview: Exploring the “Lost Villages” With Robert Diack

With his new album “Lost Villages,” jazz drummer Robert Diack is exploring not only the geography of Ontario’s nine “Lost” villages (submerged as part of construction on the St. Lawrence Seaway), but also a new musical topography.  Each of the… Continue Reading →

“Priceless” – Interview With Joey Niceforo

With the release of his first solo album, Joey Niceforo has stepped onto the international musical stage in a big way – most artists, after all, don’t get the chance to record their first project at Abbey Road Studios as… Continue Reading →

Learning to Be “Ms. Behave” – Interview With Rosie & the Riveters

Do a search for Saskatchewan-based trio Rosie & the Riveters in your favorite search engine and you’ll see this meta description under the link: “vintage-inspired folk anthems that paint a portrait of a woman’s voice in a man’s world.”  If… Continue Reading →

Thinking About Body Bandits and Teaching Men: Interview With The Solhounds

As most people who know both M and me are aware, his musical past includes a fair amount of metal; mine, none.  And while I usually shy away from heavier sounds, the music of Winnipeg-based band The Solhounds appeals to… Continue Reading →

Discovering the “Night Sky” – Interview With Raine Hamilton

Listening to Raine Hamilton’s new album “Night Sky” is a rare, exquisite experience.  Her style – which some describe as chamber folk – is a transcendent mix of classical chamber music with gorgeous, ethereal folksinging.  For someone like me, who… Continue Reading →

Interview: Kristi Lane Sinclair, “The Ability to Judge Distance”

With her new EP, Kristi Lane Sinclair explores a vast range of sounds, drawing not only from her Haida/Cree ancestry but also from her love of grunge and classical music.  “The Ability to Judge Distance,” which Sinclair also produced, is… Continue Reading →

Meeting on “The Bridge” – Interview With West of Mabou

The Saskatchewan-based Celtic group West of Mabou first came to our attention shortly after their self-titled debut was released – a deft, delightful set of tunes that clearly signified a bright future ahead.  With their newest album, “The Bridge,” the… Continue Reading →

Discovering “Animalia” – Interview with Elk Run & Riot

With their third full-length album, Alberta-based band Elk Run & Riot continue to explore their environment and the lives of those around them with their addictive blend of folk and rock.  “Animalia” is an excellent collection of uptempo tunes that… Continue Reading →

“Speak in Rhythms”: Interview With Carmanah

Ever so often, an album comes along that is utterly impossible to take out of the player.  “Speak in Rhythms,” the first national release from BC-based Carmanah, is one such project.  From its opening track, the delectably lilting “Roots,” to… Continue Reading →

On Dreams, Radio, and the Road: An Interview With Devin Cuddy

It was early 2016 when we first discovered the music of Devin Cuddy, and immediately fell for his fun and lively interpretation of New Orleans ragtime and blues.  Seeking out both his debut “Volume One” and sophomore “Kitchen Knife” albums,… Continue Reading →

Sparking the Imagination: Living Fossil, “NEVER DIE!”

If there’s one thing I’m learning about jazz as I dig more deeply into Canada’s jazz scene, it’s that the music can not only soothe or excite, but also inspire leaps of imagination.  “NEVER DIE!,” the new project from Gordon… Continue Reading →

Exploring “This City” With The Heavyweights Brass Band

Being a music blogger presents unique challenges; one particularly painful thrill is hearing new music before it’s released and being so anxious to share it, but having to wait.  With The Heavyweights Brass Band’s new album “This City,” which finally… Continue Reading →

Visiting “Notionside” – Interview With Kutch

With their new album “Notionside,” Colin Kutchyear and La+ch – collectively known as Kutch – present a shimmering set of pop songs that will not only get you up on your feet dancing, but also thinking deeply about the messages… Continue Reading →

Find A New Favorite: Steel City Rovers

It is pretty well known that Team GDW enjoy travelling to Southern Ontario on a regular basis for adventures in all things ‘music.’  Given the relatively easy drive across Central PA, through Western NY and into Ontario, the city of… Continue Reading →

“Alive and Well” With Big Little Lions

With their latest album releasing today, Helen Austin and Paul Otten of Big Little Lions have a great deal to celebrate.  “Alive and Well” is a wonderfully optimistic and uplifting set of songs, one of those rare albums that can… Continue Reading →

Exploring the “Canciones” of Spain: Interview With Adam Cicchillitti

With his debut album, “Canciones,” classical guitarist Adam Cicchillitti explores some delightful territory in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Spanish repertoire.  This terrific project (which officially releases tomorrow) features works by Albéniz, Turina, de Falla, Torroba, Garcia Lorca, and Rodrigo.  Some of… Continue Reading →

The JUNOS: Four Jazz Nominees Reflect and Respond

Last week saw the announcement of the 2018 JUNO nominations – and a terrific slate of musicians it is, too.  There are a number of artists with whom Team GDW is familiar, for whom we’re absolutely thrilled, and we’re also… Continue Reading →

Finding a Way Back Home: Ryan Hicks, “Pulsing Colours”

Working through grief is often a personal, internal process, but Saskatchewan-based singer/songwriter Ryan Hicks has given us a great gift in opening up those musings in his songwriting.  “Pulsing Colours,” his new album (just released last Friday), is billed as… Continue Reading →

Finding “Beauty in the Tension” – The Olympic Symphonium

It’s only February, and already there’s a contender for my favorite album of the year: “Beauty in the Tension,” the new album from the Olympic Symphonium.  This utterly gorgeous, occasionally ethereal album is equal parts folk and prog rock, and… Continue Reading →

Singing Songs of Real Life: Andrea Nixon, “Diary of a Housewife”

With her latest album, Andrea Nixon is opening her diary to us in song… a diary full of reflections about love, life, and making all the disparate parts of both balance.  “Diary of a Housewife” is chock full of songs… Continue Reading →

Exploring a Different Voice: Interview With Sarah Cripps

With this latest release, a self-titled album, singer/songwriter Sarah Cripps is stepping out of the Canadian country scene, choosing a gritty, intense alt rock sound for this dark (but excellent) set of songs.  I can only imagine how challenging it… Continue Reading →

New Insights at a Familiar Corner: Derek Harrison, “Blossington”

Although he’s now based in Fort Frances, Ontario (nearly 1700 km from Toronto), Derek Harrison’s latest project takes its inspiration – and its title – from the corner of Bloor and Ossington in Toronto.  This engaging and thoughtful album tells… Continue Reading →

Discovering Tango in Toronto: Payadora Tango Ensemble, “Volando”

One of the most delightful aspects of writing this blog is continually discovering new facets of the breadth and depth of the Canadian music scene.  One such discovery has been the music of Toronto’s Payadora Tango Ensemble, which just released… Continue Reading →

Exploring New Territory: An Interview With Laila Biali

It’s a telling point that Laila Biali has chosen this, her seventh album, as the one to carry her name as the title.  This collection of thoughtful and heartfelt songs is, she says, ‘fully representative’ of who she is as… Continue Reading →

Interview: Good Lovelies, “Shapeshifters”

With their new album, “Shapeshifters,” the Good Lovelies have stepped into a new era of their musicmaking.  “We are the heavy lifters, we are the shapeshifters,” they sing in the album’s opening track, “I See Gold,” and so they are. … Continue Reading →

Interview: Harley Card, “The Greatest Invention”

The more I listen to jazz, the more deeply appreciative I become both of jazz musicians’ monster skills and of their ability to fuse seamlessly into a group that seems to live and breathe as one, to the point that… Continue Reading →

Interview: Ché Aimee Dorval, “Between the Walls & the Window”

Since Vancouver-based Ché Aimee Dorval’s latest release, “Between the Walls & the Window,” landed in my player, it has remained there.  It’s a collection of great songs, all anchored by her tremendous singing.  This, her second full-length solo album, reflects… Continue Reading →

Interview: Emily Burgess, “Are We in Love”

With her new album, “Are We in Love?,” Toronto-based blues guitarist Emily Burgess has stormed onto the scene with a vengeance. This absolutely phenomenal album is a tour de force, and if folks weren’t paying attention before, this project should… Continue Reading →

Interview: Justin Gray & Synthesis, “New Horizons”

One of the advantages of having eclectic musical tastes is that it keeps me open to new artists and projects that I might not otherwise try.  “New Horizons,” the new project from Toronto-based bassist and composer Justin Gray with his… Continue Reading →

Interview: Steve Sainas, “Simple as This”

After nearly twenty years with the Vancouver band Mud Dog, blues guitarist and educator Steve Sainas has stepped out into a solo career with his latest release, “Simple as This.”  This reflective project is a wonderful collection of songs about… Continue Reading →

Interview: Dave Liebman/Mike Murley Quartet, “Live at U of T”

The pairing of saxophonists Dave Liebman and Mike Murley could reasonably be considered a supergroup – both are masters of their instruments, and their respective CVs read like a Who’s Who in contemporary and jazz music.  They’ve been playing together… Continue Reading →

Interview: Taivi, “Rising Tide”

With her new album “Rising Tide,” singer-songwriter Taivi is breaking fresh ground for herself, exploring a bluegrass sound with the help of her mentor Claire Lynch.  Indeed, not only did Lynch advise on the project, but she connected Taivi with… Continue Reading →

Interview: Qristina Brooke, “Linger”

Last September, we had the opportunity to hear Qristina and Quinn Bachand during their fabulous appearance at the Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, PA.  We were thus primed with excitement to hear the solo work Qristina was recording, and when the… Continue Reading →

Interview: Alex Pangman, “Alex Pangman’s Hot Three”

Although I am of a certain age to recall fondly my record player with tinny speakers and my spindle of 45’s (borrowed, I admit, from my older sister), I sadly came to my love of music after the era of… Continue Reading →

Interview: Flypaper Orchestra, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

Many of us with parents who grew up in the Great Depression undoubtedly heard stories about its miseries, and perhaps also heard some of the songs that came out of that era.  However, many of these songs have lain dormant… Continue Reading →

Interview: Thelonious Hank, “Walk Between the Raindrops”

As I was listening to the new album from Thelonious Hank the other night, M stopped in his tracks and said, “Wow – that’s old school.”  And yes, that’s precisely what “Walk Between the Raindrops” is – a delightful visit… Continue Reading →

Interview: Ambre McLean, “My Heart”

We’ve been waiting three years for Ambre McLean to release a new album – but “My Heart,” released just last month, was well worth the wait.  This collection of reflective, thoughtful songs, with Ambre’s astonishing voice over a primarily acoustic… Continue Reading →

Interview: Holly Blazina, “Transcendencia”

In the time we’ve been writing this blog, it’s become even more apparent to us that Canada has a vibrant, talented, and diverse music community.  We’ve been wowed by the work of so many artists of all genres – and… Continue Reading →

Interview: Maxim and Gervais Cormier, “Cape Breton Guitar”

The superb flatpicking skills of Maxim Cormier first came to our attention with his last album, a collection of pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach.  Now, he has released a fabulous album of Cape Breton tunes with his father, multi-instrumentalist Gervais… Continue Reading →

Interview: Piper Hayes, “Piper and Carson”

With her gorgeous new album (out 8 December), “Piper & Carson,” Piper Hayes has created a soundscape not only of her life (depicted as a day, start to finish) but also a statement about how we can and should live… Continue Reading →

Interview: The Dreadnoughts, “Foreign Skies”

As regular readers of GDW know, we’re big fans of folk music and write about it frequently.  What you may not know is that L is a history geek from way back… so when an album comes out that is… Continue Reading →

Interview: Josh Sahunta, “Dissonance”

With his recent release “Dissonance,” Edmonton-based artist Josh Sahunta has made a bold statement – of musicianship, of creativity, of talent.  This seven-song EP is a delight to the ears and a tremendous accomplishment, especially when you consider that all… Continue Reading →

Interview: Dave Allen, “When the Demons Come”

Toronto singer/songwriter Dave Allen recently released his debut solo album, “When the Demons Come,” a tour de force exploration of love, loss, and questions about religion and spirituality.  I would suspect that the issues with which Dave is wrestling in… Continue Reading →

Interview: The Lesters, “The Promise”

Tory Cassis, Murray Foster, and Jeff Ulster have each enjoyed significant careers, but (as for other musicians) there were still some musical avenues awaiting exploration.  As The Lesters, they have been walking one of those avenues (mixing folk, jazz, and… Continue Reading →

Interview: Lydia Persaud, “Low Light”

A few weeks ago, we were privileged to be able to feature a video from Lydia Persaud.  As soon as we heard her fabulous voice, we were eager to hear more, and we’re thrilled that she took the time to… Continue Reading →

Interview: Kat Goldman, “The Workingman’s Blues”

With her new album, “The Workingman’s Blues,” singer/songwriter Kat Goldman is stretching into deep and occasionally dark waters: the plight of the working class in the United States.  For obvious reasons (Team GDW being based in the US), this is… Continue Reading →

Interview: Diana Panton, “solstice/equinox”

Today, two-time Juno winner Diana Panton celebrates the release of her new album, “solstice/equinox,” a celebration of the four seasons in song.  Together with several longtime collaborators, including Don Thompson and Reg Schwager, Diana has crafted an absolutely gorgeous collection of… Continue Reading →

Interview: Wilderness of Manitoba, “Across the Dark”

No matter who the artist or what type of music, when one of your favorite bands are set to release a new album, the pulse always accelerates a little at the thought of finally getting to hear some new material. … Continue Reading →

Interview: VISSIA, “Place Holder”

Listening to this terrific new album from Edmonton-based VISSIA, it’s perfectly evident that it is the fruit of significant effort on her part.  The album, she says, took four years to write – four years of experiences that have been… Continue Reading →

Interview: Skydiggers, “Warmth of the Sun”

From the first few chords of “Warmth of the Sun,” it’s utterly clear that the Skydiggers are not only not resting on past laurels, but they are fired up with an urgency and energy to speak their truth.  The album, just… Continue Reading →

Interview: Petunia and the Vipers, “Lonesome Heavy and Lonesome”

I first discovered the awesome uniqueness that is Petunia and the Vipers’ music when exploring last year’s album releases from British Columbia.  Their last album, “Dead Bird on the Highway,” was a wickedly cool mix of horns, pedal steel, and… Continue Reading →

Interview: Beatrice Keeler, “Bygone”

In 2016, Beatrice Keeler, a creative writing student at Concordia University, surprised many by reaching the semifinals of “La Voix” (Québec’s version of “The Voice”) with a tremendous talent that impressed the judges (even though she wasn’t fluent in French). … Continue Reading →

Interview: O Frontera, “In the Arms of Stoics”

O Frontera, an experimental post-rock group based in Toronto, will release their new album, “In the Arms of Stoics,” tomorrow (6 October).  They’ll also play an album release show on Saturday 7 October at Toronto’s Art Square Gallery. This unique… Continue Reading →

Interview: Winona Wilde, “Wasted Time”

A few weeks ago, I was offered the chance to hear Winona Wilde’s latest album, “Wasted Time.”  I am so, so very glad that I grabbed this opportunity – this fabulous set of songs has been my companion now for… Continue Reading →

Interview: Jason Buie, “Driftin’ Heart”

Sometimes here at Team GDW, we’re a bit slow to pick up on great music that we should have heard ages ago.  “Driftin’ Heart,” the latest album from Jason Buie (released in May), is one such project.  This great blues… Continue Reading →

Interview: The Karpinka Brothers, “Talk Is Cheap”

The Karpinka Brothers first came to our attention when we interviewed them prior to their performance at this summer’s Gateway Festival in their home province of Saskatchewan.  And they didn’t just tiptoe onto our radar – from the first song… Continue Reading →

Interview: Civil Wray

if you don’t recognize the name Civil Wray, that’s perhaps understandable – for now, anyway.  Andrea de Boer might be better known to you as blueVenus, the previous moniker under which she worked as a musician.  Now, with a new… Continue Reading →

Elliott BROOD: Interview, “Ghost Gardens”

Here at Team GDW, we thrive on juggling our listening habits to experience as many great Canadian artists as is possible (both for our own enjoyment and for future blogs posts).  But even amongst all of the choices presented to… Continue Reading →

Lowest of the Low: Pre-Album Release Interview

For many fans of Canadian indie-rock music, the mere mention of The Lowest of the Low probably conjures up immediate memories of their 1991 debut release “Shakespeare My Butt,” an album that became, if only for a short while, the… Continue Reading →

Interview: Shawn William Clarke, “Topaz”

This Friday, Shawn William Clarke releases his latest album, the gorgeous “Topaz.”  This terrific album starts with the lovely instrumental “Back to Breath,” rolls into “Autumn in New Brunswick” (which Shawn describes as an “homage to finding windows of solace… Continue Reading →

Interview: Tony Dekker – New Music and New Challenges

Team GDW have been strong fans of Great Lake Swimmers for several years now, and we were fortunate to catch them live twice last year.  From the Homecoming concert in Port Colborne, ON, to their co-headlining event with Elliott Brood… Continue Reading →

Interview: Bill Plaskett

When Joel Plaskett announced that he was releasing an album with his father, we immediately knew that we would not only be picking up the album as soon as it came out, but also doing our utmost to catch Joel… Continue Reading →

Interview: Sarah Jickling and Her Good Bad Luck, “When I Get Better”

With the release of “When I Get Better,” Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Sarah Jickling is boldly stepping out – not only as a solo artist (she formerly fronted the “Oh Wells”) but as a mental health advocate. Jickling draws from her own… Continue Reading →

Interview: Quantum Tangle, “Shelter as we go…”

Hailing from Canada’s North, Quantum Tangle broke into the limelight earlier this year with their Juno for Indigenous Album of the Year (for their stunning EP “Tiny Hands”).  It seemed inevitable that their next release would dig even more deeply… Continue Reading →

Gateway Festival Highlight Interview: Ava Wild

I first heard Ava Wild’s terrific debut album, “Bare,” via the Saskatchewan Music 2016 longlist, in which it was included amongst scores of terrific projects.  Ava’s album, however, stood out from the pack thanks to her singing, creative guitar playing… Continue Reading →

Interview: Dylan Ireland, “Every Other Night”

After several years performing as Express and Company, Dylan Ireland has stepped into new territory with his bluesy, rocking debut solo album “Every Other Night,” which releases today. With great lyrics and toe-tapping melodies, the album features such highlights as… Continue Reading →

Making a Pilgrimage to Teen City: Interview With Oh Susanna

When the announcement came out several months that Oh Susanna (the name under which Suzie Ungerleider performs) was releasing a new album this year, we here at Team GDW were hugely excited.  We came to her music via her previous… Continue Reading →

Interview: Declan O’Donovan, “Broken Sky”

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a full-on sucker for piano-based music, especially music that draws on multiple soundscapes at the same time. So Declan O’Donovan’s new album “Broken Sky,” which releases 2 June, was a completely perfect listening… Continue Reading →

Interview: Jeffery Straker, “Dirt Road Confessional”

Over two years after Jeffery Straker released the successful “North Star Falling,” he returns with an outstanding new collection of songs, “Dirt Road Confessional.”  Straker is already known for his piano prowess and skill as a keyboard-oriented balladeer, but here… Continue Reading →

Interview: Lakes and Pines, “Peace Comes at Last”

I was scrolling through a list of new and upcoming releases recently when I came across an intriguing band from Manitoba called Lakes and Pines.  Curious, I clicked to listen to “Yukon Princess,” the first song released from their debut… Continue Reading →

Sawdust City Music Festival: Interview With Curator/Founder Miranda Mulholland

Miranda Mulholland is already well-known to Canadian music fans for her work with Great Lake Swimmers and Harrow Fair, as well as her music label Roaring Girl Records, home to such artists as Tim Moxam and Liz Stringer.  This year,… Continue Reading →

Interview: Steph Cameron, “Daybreak Over Jackson Street”

I first paid serious attention to the Polaris Music Prize with the announcement of the 2015 longlist – and what a collection of albums that was.  I added a number of artists to my watchlist as a result, but one… Continue Reading →

Interview: Rodney DeCroo, “Old Tenement Man”

Once I’d heard Rodney DeCroo’s forthcoming album, “Old Tenement Man,” I absolutely could not get it out of my mind. Songs like “I’ve Got a Mirror, I’ve Got a Gun” (exploring how pain can turn into art, sometimes in unhealthy ways) and… Continue Reading →

Interview: The Wellington Folk, “Reverie”

I was meandering through the Regional Top Ten lists from this year’s CBC Searchlight competition not too long ago when I came across one band that especially caught my ear.  The Wellington Folk, based in Calgary, feature an uptempo sound that… Continue Reading →

Release Day Interview: Chris Antonik, “Monarch”

With the release of his new album, “Monarch,” Chris Antonik is opening a new chapter in his musical career – a more personal, inward-focused approach that sees Antonik exploring questions of forgiveness, redemption, and moving past the inevitable stumbling blocks… Continue Reading →

Glenn Milchem: The GDW Interview

Team GDW recently reached out to Blue Rodeo drummer Glenn Milchem, and are both thrilled and grateful to have an exclusive interview with this renowned musician.  Fresh off the end of the “1000 Arms” tour, Glenn was kind enough to answer… Continue Reading →

Interview: Cassie and Maggie

Earlier this year, Cassie and Maggie MacDonald released “The Willow Collection,” a stellar and sprightly collection of traditional music delivered in their unique style.  In addition to their terrific instrumental work, the new album also features an increased emphasis on… Continue Reading →

Interview: Brodie Moniker

Today Brodie Moniker releases his new album, “Nowhere Left to Ghost” – the product of over fifteen years of active music-making in the Saskatchewan music scene.  This wonderful, eclectic album clearly displays the fruits of Brodie’s experience – from the… Continue Reading →

Interview: Kayla Luky

In January, Manitoba-based singer-songwriter Kayla Luky released her latest album, “Back to Dirt.”  The project offers a self-assured set of songs that finds Luky exploring a more traditional country sound than is present in some of her previous work. The… Continue Reading →

Interview: Scotty Hills

Last month saw the release of Scotty Hills’ latest EP, “Nature Girl,” a tour de force both musically and lyrically.  Thoughtful and deep lyrics define the album, which also finds Hills exploring a variety of musical genres, focusing even more… Continue Reading →

Interview: Ron Hawkins

We’ve made many references in this blog to the Blue Rodeo concert at the Sanderson Centre in Brantford, ON, that we attended back in September 2016.  For Team GDW, this was a turning point in our concert-going adventures, as we… Continue Reading →

Interview: Common Deer, EP I

Last November, we had the opportunity to hear Common Deer open for The Franklin Electric at the Horseshoe Tavern.  We found ourselves immediately struck not only by their musical talent, but also by their ability to capture and hold an… Continue Reading →

Interview: Chris Gostling & The Tempo, “Breath, Blood & Tempo”

With the recent release of their first album, “Breath, Blood & Tempo,” Chris Gostling & The Tempo have marked a transitional point: from frequent live performers in the Toronto area to recording artists who hopefully will gain an audience across… Continue Reading →

Interview: Amanda Sadler Releases New Single, “Drop the Needle Down”

Kingston-based singer/songwriter Amanda Sadler released a new single on 20 January, “Drop the Needle Down.”  Following on the success of her debut EP “The Light,” Sadler is exploring new vocal and lyrical territory with her new song, produced by Dave “Dwave”… Continue Reading →

Interview: Abigail Lapell, “Hide Nor Hair”

With her new release, “Hide Nor Hair,” singer/songwriter Abigail Lapell has delivered an exquisite set of songs, equally beautifully played.  Building on the foundation of her previous album, “Great Survivor,” this project features stunning guitar playing, haunting harmonies, and lyrics that… Continue Reading →

Steve Strongman: New Single and Interview

Already a well-regarded blues musician, Hamilton, ON-based Steve Strongman has released a new single, “No Time Like Now,” featuring a striking rock sound – an enjoyable, but not surprising, departure for the award-winning artist.  The song is the title track from… Continue Reading →

Interview: 100 Mile House, “Hiraeth”

For Alberta-based folk duo 100 Mile House, 2016 has been a banner year professionally.  Their current release “Hiraeth,” a stunning collection of acoustic gems, came out in November to wide acclaim.  Just last week, their song “Run,” about the Fort… Continue Reading →

Interview: Os Tropies, “The Soil”

Os Tropies’ latest project, “The Soil,” is quite likely a very different listen from anything else you will hear this year. It’s firmly rooted in the Brazilian tropicália tradition, but elements of psychedelic rock creep in as well – I… Continue Reading →

Interview: Ken Yates, “Huntsville”

In his latest project, “Huntsville,” Ken Yates anchors his music firmly in the soil of northern Ontario, a place he clearly loves. “It’s the kind of place where you wonder what it would be like to leave civilization behind, build… Continue Reading →