Hear It First: Luke Nicholson, “Shape and Sound”

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We’re thrilled to be able to share Luke Nicholson’s new project, “Shape and Sound,” with you here before it officially releases on April 14!  This album, Nicholson’s third release, offers a window into his life through the unique storytelling and musicianship that have always characterized his work.

If Nicholson’s previous album, “Frantic City,” drew a portrait of his experiences as a new husband and father (and juggling those with a music career), “Shape and Sound” tells the next chapter in that story.  Nicholson himself says, “I’m starting to figure out who I am as an artist, and who I am as a family man . No one really ever truly figures it out but I’m no longer wet behind the ears in either vocation, so I only have myself to blame for any short comings.. I truly have an understanding of my strengths and weaknesses in both fields. Instead of holding up my hands  I’m working at my weaknesses to be a better musician, a better producer, a better husband and father. It’s paying dividends. This album is a result of that internal look I had at myself as an artist,  father, and husband.”

Luke Nicholson

The album that would become “Shape and Sound” had its origins in Nicholson’s travels to Nashville.  “Nashville was a rebirth for my career,” he says. “I arrived with a sense of trepidation and excitement of what lay in store for me but was determined to make a new start. It was to be a measuring stick for who I was as an artist, songwriter, musician. It could have been the end of my story right there but it wasn’t. I immersed myself in Nashville over a course of  2 years. And the thing that I took away from that first visit was ‘I belonged’ – I could hold my own with some of the best songwriters the world has to offer. I know it sounds egotistical but it is how I felt and still feel, self doubt in this industry kills! I was really reeling after my last record and started to feel bitterness towards myself and the industry in Canada as a whole. I needed to make a move to shake up my career and my way of doing things. Nashville could have been my final chapter but it wasn’t, I performed, I wrote, and was inspired. I left Nashville knowing 3 things.  I’m on my path,  I have a long road ahead of me but willing to do the work, and  I’ll be back. I’ve spent these last 2 years with this mantra.”

As part of that growth process, Nicholson has begun to expand his horizons as a musician as well as a songwriter, and can glimpse the rewards ahead for that effort: “I’ve started to write more, practice more, tour more.  I’ve even learned to play other instruments. I guess I now see the mountain in front of me for what it is; a long climb to the top. And I know even if I never get there it was one hell of a journey and I’m better for it.”

“Shape and Sound” is a picture, then, of this stage of Nicholson’s journey, both personal and musical.  Of the title, he says, “The title came first, and really molded the record. I wanted to shape every sound, every note of this record. It was a statement to myself. I wanted to put my fingerprint on it. I didn’t outsource any players for this album except 2 tracks (bass and drums). 99 percent of the album was played by myself or Martyn Skrypzyk in our home studios. We sang every note and worked out all harmonies together.  I personally played guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, piano, mandolin, percussion, etc., etc… and because of that it is an album I can say is truly ours and mine. In the past I used session players for recording, and let them create there own moments, however when listening to those records, as good as they might be..they aren’t my moments. I would have played the bass differently, I would have chosen a different guitar tone, and so forth. This album is my Shape and Sound.”

So enjoy Luke Nicholson’s “Shape and Sound” in its entirety before it releases next week.

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