Interview: Blackie Jackett, Jr., “For a Good Time Call”

Blackie Jackett, Jr.

If you’re in the Burlington, ON, area this week and are trying to decide what to catch at the annual Sound of Music event, here’s one option: Blackie Jackett, Jr., who recently released their album “For a Good Time Call.”  Should you be looking for a rowdy option with musicians who can both entertain with their craziness and also knock out some serious songs (such as “Promise to Deliver”), give them a try.  They will perform on the TD Stage this Thursday, June 14, 7:00 p.m.

They chatted with us about the new album and their upcoming shows.

Your website describes you as a “drunken bundle of firecrackers” – how do you think that translates into your music?

It translates into the music because it’s a part of the sounds and performances. There is whiskey and weed soaked into every track. And if we’re not having a good time we’re not doing it.

What have been some of your musical inspirations (apart from alcohol!) as you’ve developed your sound?

Musical inspiration can come from anywhere.  It doesn’t even need to be related to music -just needs to get the juices flowing.

A lot of times it’s over hearing drunk people.  But of course there is classic country that inspires BJJr. too. Hank. Johnny. Willie. Dolly.  Roger Miller.  Jerry Jeff Walker. Lefty Frizell.

And hangovers.  A LOT of ideas come during a hangover.

“Dorothy” is one of my favorite songs on the album – can you talk a bit about how this song came about?

This one came about on the road. You meet some people on the road and you hope you see them again.  Some, you know you best not.

“Dorothy ooooooeeeee!”

I sang that to myself for days.

Eventually threw it down on tape in a dressing room in some arena in Colorado and it grew from there.

You’re scheduled to play Burlington’s Sound of Music  – what are you looking forward to the most?

I’m looking forward to every aspect of it.  It’s our home town. Our friends and family will be there. We get free beer.  The Poacher’s down the street.

Everything we ever needed to know about getting fucked up we learned in BTown, down at the lake especially.  From playing concerts to getting drunk – it’s almost like going back to an old class room.

I find the placement of “Promise to Deliver” right after “The Weed Guy” to be such an excellent example of your versatility! Which type of song – serious or not – is more of a challenge for you as a group?

I think the challenge with a tender song is not being schmaltzy.  Letting the idea be open and honest but not forgetting that we’re a bunch of sarcastic smart asses.

What’s next for you as a group after Sound of Music – any gigs you can share with readers?

Well, I’m sure we’re gonna need some time to recover after the Sound Of Music bender. After that…

There’s a Festival of BEER in Toronto and we’ll be damned if it’s gonna happen without us. So we’re playing the Thursday night. July 26th.

~ L

Visit the website for Blackie Jackett, Jr.

Listen to “For a Good Time Call” on Spotify.


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