Jadea Kelly Releases New EP, “Met While Incarcerated”

Jadea Kelly - Met While Incarcerated

Hot on the heels from her acclaimed 2016 “Love and Lust” album (accolades from Canadian Folk Music Awards for Contemporary singer of the year),  Whitby, ON singer-songwriter Jadea Kelly returns with a brand new EP, “Met While Incarcerated.”  Splitting her time between Toronto and Los Angeles to record this EP, Jadea shares a collection of songs that are featured in the award-winning documentary, “Met While Incarcerated,” directed by Catherine Legge.  Originally premiered at the LA Femme Film Festival this past October, and at the Hamilton Film Festival in November, the documentary had its broadcast premiere earlier this spring on the Documentary Channel.

“Met While Incarcerated” is defined as a person who met their partner/spouse after imprisonment or criminal offense.  It challenges societal stereotypes and our understanding of crime, punishment, good and evil, forgiveness, love and redemption.  “[It] illuminates an uncomfortable social topic, but also the lives of real people,” Jadea shares.  “Looking past the incarceration charges, I do see genuine love and healing between the featured couples.”  With five tracks forming the soundtrack, Jadea introduces two reworked versions of “Beauty” and “Mercy” from her previous release, and adds the new songs, “Bad Like Me” (featuring Robby Hecht), “Make Peace With It” (featuring Garrison Starr), and a stunning cover of the classic popular hymn, “Amazing Grace.”

Catching one of Jadea Kelly’s recent concert performances to promote the EP, we had the pleasure of hearing all five tracks in a live environment, including an exceptional version of “Make Peace With It” where she split some stunning three part vocal harmonies with Kennedy Road (Brian MacMillan and Sheila Carabine).

“Tonight we’re here celebrating an EP, which is actually a soundtrack to this amazing new documentary called ‘Met While Incarcerated,’ and it’s airing on the CBC right now,” Jadea announced during her evening at Mills Hardware in Hamilton, ON.  “I was approached by the director about a year and a half ago to write all of the music.”

Prior to the official release date of June 14th, 2019, the “Met While Incarcerated” EP received ‘Best Score & Music’ accolade from the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards.  More information and purchase options can be found at Jadea’s website, www.darthjadea.com, and can be streamed on your favorite music platforms.


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