Kennedy Road Release “A Little Fight Left Yet”

Kennedy Road - A Little Fight Left Yet

Canadian folk-roots duo Kennedy Road are proud to share their highly-anticipated full length debut album, “A Little Fight Left Yet,” recorded at Music House and Canterbury Studios, and released independently just yesterday.  Based in Toronto (with their namesake being a North-South street in the city), Kennedy Road are comprised of Sheila Carabine (solo artist and one half of the JUNO nominated folk duo, Dala) and Brian MacMillan (solo artist, and collaborator with The Barenaked Ladies, The Wailin’ Jennys, and Lowest of the Low).  Two different artists from different musical backgrounds, but who combine here beautifully to create an absolutely stunning collection of original tunes.

So the release is announced with fanfares, right?  No, unfortunately not.  How about a dedicated album release show and small promotional tour?  No, scratch that one too.  There is no way that Sheila and Brian could have envisioned the tumultuous global Covid-19 pandemic hitting North America right now, a crisis that has forced all normal life as we know it to undergo fundamental changes and precautions, yet like all other artists, are having to adapt and allow the show to go on.  “When we chose this album title a few months ago, we had no idea how appropriate it would feel today. These are unprecedented times, and we, like many of you, find ourselves turning to art for comfort and relief,” offers Sheila.  “It’s been really striking to notice that when the non-essentials are taken away, the yearning for human connection endures.”

One advantage of being a part of the Toronto music scene is the caliber of friends that both Sheila and Brian can call upon to join them here on this album, with notable names such as Drew Jurecka, Bret Higgins, Tim Watson, and Amanda Walther providing their exceptional talents.  With some stunning strings, a little banjo (credit Brian with learning this instrument), and some pitch-perfect harmonies, this eleven-track debut is a much needed shot of calm in this crazy storm that we are all currently caught up in.  Be sure to check out “Time,” one of their earliest single releases, and marvel once again at the wonderful slow pace of this outstanding duet – one that can only leave you with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.  Don’t miss “Job Song,” a happy-go-lucky number that offers the perfect opportunity for both vocalists to have a little fun (and leave you pondering just which one of them still has their Harvey’s fast-food uniform).  And, of course, tracks like their 2019 single, “Kennedy,” and new tune, “The Heart Will Buzz” deserve plenty of attention too, and will earn many repeat earnings once you’ve added this album to your collection.

Having spent over a year writing and recording “A Little Fight Left Yet,” this full-length debut is a stunning piece of work for this Toronto duo.  “A very special shout out to Brian, who produced and engineered the album, and who poured countless hours and energy into it,” acknowledges Sheila.  “And a final thank you to Brian’s Instant Pot – your delicious and timely meals never ceased to make us say ‘THAT ONLY TOOK FIVE MINUTES?’ and you fueled many a late-night recording session.”  A highly recommended release and an early candidate for my shortlist of favorite albums this year.

Photo Credit: Jen Squires

We’re all struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the livelihoods of musicians and artists are especially impacted right now. We always encourage you to buy music, but we especially encourage you to consider it now. You can purchase “A Little Fight Left Yet” here.

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