Live Sessions Video From Annie Sumi and Tannis Slimmon

Annie Sumi & Tannis Slimmon

Today we’re delighted to share a three-song live sessions video from singers Annie Sumi and Tannis Slimmon.

The first two songs are originals from Annie’s 2015 album, “Reflections,” and 2017 album, “In the Unknown” (about which we spoke with Annie when it was released).

The third song, “Three Wishes,” is sung by Tannis and was written by her friend, the late Rosemary Phelan, in 2010. Tannis and Rosemary (along with Allison Lupton) were part of the folk-roots trio, the Lucky Sisters, before Rosemary’s passing in 2015.

The video was produced by Winnipeg-based BNB Studios, who provide a musical platform for local indie artists and also musicians who are passing through Manitoba. Annie and Tannis stopped by while touring across the Prairies out to BC back in September.

Visit Annie Sumi’s website.

Visit Tannis Slimmon’s website.

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