Matt Andersen: A Night of Maritimes-Inspired Blues

Matt Andersen

Team GDW bid farewell to Southern Ontario on a snowy Thursday morning, made a quick stop to feed the feline members of the team, then continued south for an evening with blues singer-songwriter Matt Andersen at the Weinberg Center in Frederick, MD.  So this was another one of our “3 shows in 3 nights” deals.. this was not the first time, nor will it likely be the last.  When it comes to good music, we are happy to go with the flow…and even more so when they have traveled to our part of the world.

Armed with his trusty Lakewood acoustic guitar, Matt would perform an amazing 16-track setlist that incorporated pieces from several of his acclaimed albums.  Fresh from his 2016 album “Honest Man,” Matt opened his show with “The Gift,” and added other cuts from this album throughout his set (“Quiet Company”, “Break Away” and “Honest Man”).  He also acknowledged his friend and collaborator Donovan Woods prior to “One Good Song,” and was both amused and appreciative of our applause in recognition of another Canadian singer-songwriter. “I’ll tell him you clapped,” joked Andersen.

Following his opening tune, Andersen selected a hat trick of material from his 2011 “Coal Mining Blues” album (“Make You Stay,” “Home Sweet Home,” and “Coal Mining Blues”). “She Comes Down” appeared later in the set to round out the selection from this album.  Some of Matt’s well-received earlier pieces were added into the mix, with “Have You Got The Blues?” and “Come By,” before closing out the show with “Devil’s Bride” from his “Piggyback” album.  With his unique take on the “non-encore” encore, Matt dipped into his “Second Time Around” album to close the evening with the classic “My Old Friend The Blues.”

With light-hearted and amusing tales in between tracks, Matt personified the ‘blues’ singer with perfection, and demonstrated his trademark guitar mastery and amazing vocal range.  With the audience eating out of his hands, the 16 tracks delighted the senses and brought an evening of well road-tested music to downtown Frederick. (I, in particular, would love to know what kind of vehicle a ‘Nissan Cupcake’ happens to be.)  Matt is a true musician, pure and simple, who is clearly happiest when on the road, with guitar in hand.  If his touring schedule sees him visiting a town near you, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy some great blues tunes with a distinct ‘Maritimes’ flavor.

Team GDW would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Matt for spending considerable time with us after the show, and for personalizing our CDs and memorabilia. Once again we acknowledge the personable nature and willingness of Canadian artists to meet and greet their audience.  Matt Andersen is certainly welcome back to our neck of the woods anytime.

Set List:

  1. The Gift
  2. Make You Stay
  3. Home Sweet Home
  4. Coal Mining Blues
  5. I Lost My Way
  6. Quiet Company
  7. Come By
  8. Have You Got The Blues?
  9. Break Away
  10. She Comes Down
  11. Honest Man
  12. One Good Song
  13. My Last Day
  14. Steamroller
  15. Devil’s Bride
  16. My Old Friend The Blues

~ M

Visit Matt Andersen’s website.

Listen to “Honest Man” on Spotify.


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