New Video: Hiroshima Hearts, “Spend Your Money”

Hiroshima Hearts

For our GDW readers who enjoy music with a bit more of an edge than we often feature, we give you: Hiroshima Hearts.  This London, ON-based group’s original music is a thumping mix of its members’ influences – everything from punk and metal to alternative rock, jazz, and country. The end product is a big sound built on sing-along melodies, vocal harmonies, and huge guitar riffs, with a heavy blues edge.

The video for “Spend Your Money” (from the “Bone Music” EP) was directed by Nik Pilecki of Hungry Boy Productions and inspired by the films of Quentin Tarantino. It follows lead singer Jenn Marino and her gang of gold diggers as they seduce a handsome stranger, steal his money, and go on one crazy spending spree throughout the city.

Watch the video below:

Photo credit: Mark Wolfe

Visit Hiroshima Hearts’ website.

Listen to “Bone Music” on Spotify.

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