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Visiting the “Swamp Rock Country Blues” With TG Swampbusters

On my office days, I generally leave for work at 5:15 am (for my 2.5-hour drive).  Needless to say, it takes a pretty strong playlist to keep me sufficiently revved up not only for the drive but also for the… Continue Reading →

Matthew Barber & Jill Barber: The Family Album Live in Oakville

As our interest in Canadian music grew, naturally our catalog of artists did too.  The first time I recall hearing a Matthew Barber track was several years ago, most notably “Lose Your Love” on CBC Sonica radio.  We quickly found… Continue Reading →

Lion Bear Fox Release New Single, Announce Tour Dates

Vancouver-based Lion Bear Fox have released the second single, “Going Going Gone,” from their recent self-titled album.  We here at Team GDW ordered the album as soon as it released earlier this year, and we’ve been enjoying it thoroughly.  See… Continue Reading →

The Writes of Spring: Music, Conversation, and Comedy

We have mentioned several times lately that no matter who we’ve seen live, we have been fortunate to find new artists to explore simply due to hearing their music as an opening act on any given show. In the last… Continue Reading →

Interview: Steph Cameron, “Daybreak Over Jackson Street”

I first paid serious attention to the Polaris Music Prize with the announcement of the 2015 longlist – and what a collection of albums that was.  I added a number of artists to my watchlist as a result, but one… Continue Reading →

Interview: Rodney DeCroo, “Old Tenement Man”

Once I’d heard Rodney DeCroo’s forthcoming album, “Old Tenement Man,” I absolutely could not get it out of my mind. Songs like “I’ve Got a Mirror, I’ve Got a Gun” (exploring how pain can turn into art, sometimes in unhealthy ways) and… Continue Reading →

Hanging on Hunter St. With Ron Hawkins

Many references have been made previously about the Blue Rodeo concert last September in Brantford, ON, and how the show became an inspiration for the creation of this blog.  And I fondly recall the announcement of an opening act by… Continue Reading →

Interview: The Wellington Folk, “Reverie”

I was meandering through the Regional Top Ten lists from this year’s CBC Searchlight competition not too long ago when I came across one band that especially caught my ear.  The Wellington Folk, based in Calgary, feature an uptempo sound that… Continue Reading →

FBF: Remembering That First Taste of Live Canadian Music

As we wrapped up my post-concert review for the Joel and Bill Plaskett concert in Hamilton, ON, recently, we linked to a previous piece written illustrating how Joel Plaskett was indeed the first Canadian artist we had the pleasure to see… Continue Reading →

Interview: Campbell Woods, “Oxford Street”

Singer-songwriter Campbell Woods will shortly release his debut album, “Oxford Street.”  However, if he had not explicitly told me it was his first project, I would never have guessed… this is a polished, seasoned collection of songs, and should make… Continue Reading →

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