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“Rock and Roll to My Grave” – New Video From Randal Arsenault

Alberta-based singer/songwriter Randal Arsenault has released his latest single, “Rock & Roll To My Grave,” the first taste from his upcoming solo EP. The song marks a bold shift to roots rock for Arsenault after establishing himself with Afro-funk outfit… Continue Reading →

Exploring a Different Voice: Interview With Sarah Cripps

With this latest release, a self-titled album, singer/songwriter Sarah Cripps is stepping out of the Canadian country scene, choosing a gritty, intense alt rock sound for this dark (but excellent) set of songs.  I can only imagine how challenging it… Continue Reading →

New Insights at a Familiar Corner: Derek Harrison, “Blossington”

Although he’s now based in Fort Frances, Ontario (nearly 1700 km from Toronto), Derek Harrison’s latest project takes its inspiration – and its title – from the corner of Bloor and Ossington in Toronto.  This engaging and thoughtful album tells… Continue Reading →

The Fugitives: Live at the Sanderson Centre

Just 24 hours after The Fugitives officially released their new album “The Promise Of Strangers,” Team GDW returned to the Sanderson Centre in Brantford, ON to spend an evening with the band during one of the stops on their January… Continue Reading →

Discovering Tango in Toronto: Payadora Tango Ensemble, “Volando”

One of the most delightful aspects of writing this blog is continually discovering new facets of the breadth and depth of the Canadian music scene.  One such discovery has been the music of Toronto’s Payadora Tango Ensemble, which just released… Continue Reading →

Ron Hawkins: Live at the Mule Spinner

Hitting the road to Southern Ontario for our first concert weekend north of the border this year, our journey was accompanied by clear skies, no snow, and unseasonably warm temperatures for late January. Encountering no delays with our Canadian crossing,… Continue Reading →

Exploring New Territory: An Interview With Laila Biali

It’s a telling point that Laila Biali has chosen this, her seventh album, as the one to carry her name as the title.  This collection of thoughtful and heartfelt songs is, she says, ‘fully representative’ of who she is as… Continue Reading →

Review: The Fugitives, “The Promise Of Strangers”

We have been incredibly fortunate to work with several new artists over the last few months and share their first or new album releases with our audience.  Indeed, if there is one thing that constantly fuels our passion for Canadian… Continue Reading →

Interview: Collette Savard and the Savants, “Collette Savard and the Savants”

Sometimes in life, if we’re very fortunate, it’s possible to turn an ending into a do-over.  With her new band and new album, Collette Savard has done precisely that – transformed painful personal circumstances into a new beginning.  The self-titled… Continue Reading →

Interview: Good Lovelies, “Shapeshifters”

With their new album, “Shapeshifters,” the Good Lovelies have stepped into a new era of their musicmaking.  “We are the heavy lifters, we are the shapeshifters,” they sing in the album’s opening track, “I See Gold,” and so they are. … Continue Reading →

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