Single Premiere: Alicia Toner (ft. Joey Landreth), “Tonight”

Alicia Toner - Tonight

According to the old adage, time flies when you are having fun, and here at Team GDW, there is nothing more enjoyable than spreading the word about great Canadian music and arts with our audience. It feels like it was just a short while ago that we featured PEI-born, and now Toronto-based singer-songwriter Alicia Toner, yet a quick skim through the archives surprisingly shows it has been precisely one whole year since this versatile and talented musician last graced our pages. Time does indeed fly by.

So, not only does this anniversary-of-sorts seem like the perfect time to shine a spotlight on Alicia Toner once more, it is also beautifully timed to coincide with the release of her brand-new single, “Tonight,” which we are delighted to premiere here at GDW today.  A gripping folk-Americana song about allowing oneself to let go of reservation and leap into love, “Tonight” is more than just the third single to be released from Alicia’s 2021 sophomore album, “Joan,” as the timing also celebrates the first anniversary of her deeply personal Canadian Folk Music Award winning album.

Alicia Toner

Alicia’s music may be firmly rooted in folk-Americana, but “Tonight” finds the artist further exploring her musical boundaries, fusing modern synth elements with a driving guitar beat, and some 80s throwback musical cues too. Offering lyrics that depict the all-too-familiar feeling of teetering on the edge of love before letting go, Alicia prompts listeners to draw parallels to their own similar experiences, citing the comfort and relatability this artist has found in some of her own musical influences. “Tonight is the moment before you let yourself fall in love completely,” she adds. “It’s the fear of opening yourself up to heartbreak [versus] the fear of losing what could be. It’s the internal struggle of playing it safe or diving in head first.”

Having performed previously on Alicia’s 2017 debut “I Learned The Hard Way” album, the signature guitar sounds of long time collaborator and JUNO Award winner Joey Landreth could be heard across numerous tracks on “Joan” – and Joey adds some stunning vocal harmonies here on “Tonight.” Placing the driving guitar rhythm and synths alongside Alicia’s powerful, yet tender vocals (and Joey’s soulful harmonies), the end result here is quite simply a stunning single that further showcases the natural talent and creativity of this emerging (and now transplanted) East Coast artist.  

Photo Credit: Colton Curtis

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