Single Preview: Alanna Matty, “End Up Alone”

Alanna Matty

The whys and hows a relationship didn’t work out is something everyone toils over at some point in their life. Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Alanna Matty, explores these quandaries on her latest track “End up Alone,” the second single off of her upcoming EP “This Past Year.” Matty explains,  “At a certain point in relationships you reach a crossroads where you have to decide if you’re going to commit long-term, or split and this explores that feeling when you realize that maybe you don’t feel the same about that person anymore.”

The home recorded artist has the knack for pairing just the right instrumentation and production to match the vulnerability of her vocals and lyrics. The track, however, is a shift from her previous releases taking on an darker, more bluesy direction.  “The song started as an experiment that I wrote at home while unable to sleep, playing it very quietly while my partner slept nearby. This is a style I’ve never really played with before.”

Following this single release, Alanna Matty will be celebrating the release of her new EP at The Burdock in Toronto February 16, just a few days before the EP’s official release February 19.

You can hear the song here before its official release date this Friday.  Enjoy!

Visit Alanna Matty’s website.


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