Single Release: 0Stella, “Glitter On The Dancefloor”

0Stella - Glitter on the Dancefloor

Even though I say it myself, back in the day I cut quite a rug at the discotheque, often seen seamlessly transitioning from ‘The Twist’ to ‘The Mash Potato,’ before swiftly throwing one arm aloft with full-on-pointy-finger (the other to the ground) like something straight out of the film “Saturday Night Fever.” In fact, in my own mind I was the unsung local ‘John Travolta’ – well, that’s how I like to remember myself.

Alas, the times of pulling shapes beneath the glitter-ball are for me sadly now long gone. Indeed, the last time I tried to re-live past glories by throwing myself into a full 360-degree dance rotation, I became so disorientated that I ended up grabbing some curtains for support, and bringing them down with me (complete with rail) in a move I later proclaimed to be ‘The Crumpled Heap.’ I’m not sure if the bad head experienced the following day was from the fall itself or the alcohol consumed. Either way, luckily it was all in the privacy of my own home, although friends still find enjoyment recalling that particular evening on an oh so regular basis – be in no doubt that growing old can be a painful experience.

Such memories like this sprang readily to mind when I encountered “Glitter On The Dancefloor,” a New Year’s Eve single release from Edmonton-based, Irish-Canadian rocker 0Stella. We all have our own particular wells from which to reminisce, and for this particular artist, hers provided the impetuous behind the track. “In the summer of 2020, I didn’t want to write about the year we were having. I focused on what I was looking forward to: closeness, dancing and sweat,” she explains. “I was inspired by memories of moshpits and my favourite gay clubs I used to go to in Dublin and London’s Soho. [The single] is an indulgent momentary escape from the world around us.”


“Glitter On The Dancefloor” is lifted from what shall be a couple of mini concept albums –  “Freefall” and “Skyward” – scheduled for release this and the following year. Both emanate from a year-long long-distance recording session between Edmonton and Toronto with producer Devon Lougheed (Skye Wallace), and are hot on the heels of her 2019 debut EP “Little Yes, Little Know” (and in-between a tough schedule of relentless touring). If infectious modern dance-oriented pop music with a real indie-rock undercurrent is your bag, then this one shall not disappoint.

Interestingly enough, as a zero-waste advocate (hence the zero in her name), 0Stella will be heading back out on a Canada-wide ‘solo cycling’ album tour next month to support these upcoming releases, playing almost exclusively in house concerts. While I’m too far away to get out there in support, I can confine myself to foot tapping along to the groove of this single from the safety of my old armchair.  Good stuff 0Stella, I’m looking forward to hearing much more from you – stay young, hold on to your sparkle, and most of all, enjoy the trip and great adventures that await.

Music has been a lifelong passion, a journey that as a child embraced the late 60's counter culture and has lasted until the present day. Despite trying to play guitar for the best part of 45 years, to his own frustration, never much beyond the first four bars of “Stairway to Heaven.” A self-confessed vinyl junkie, his other interests include collecting music memorabilia, old Muhammad Ali fight programs, and watching film. He lives alone in Nottingham (England) and still uses the term “Groovy” - these two facts may be intrinsically connected.

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