Single Release: Amanda Walther, “Beautiful”

Amanda Walther - Beautiful

Enjoying a beautiful drive along winding backroads, sun shining, and a cool breeze flowing are all perfect indications of spring, the season of renewal and rebirth. Not only is spring a time we relate to flowers blooming and trees budding, but it can also be a season of personal change. A soul that has been buried by heartache eventually emerges like flower bulbs reawakening from their winter slumber. In perfect timing with the expression of those notions of spring is this new single by Amanda Walther, “Beautiful,” another track taken from the upcoming “Walk With Me” motion picture soundtrack.

I was introduced to Amanda’s involvement in “Walk With Me” last year, when she shared her first single release, “Salt Water Cures,” and it has been a treat to dive further into her musical masterpiece. Amanda sums this song up with relation to the film, “Divorce, separation, and building from scratch; [Beautiful] was written from the core of heartbreak and inspired entirely by a character’s journey in the movie.” And how fitting it was that I enjoyed this song even more on my Sunday drive while thinking about how profound the idea of rebirth is.

Amanda Walther

My own soul invites me every day to look upon that which is beautiful and to find ways to be more loving, a daily ritual inspired even more by one of the powerful verses that Amanda sings here: “Your love shaped me / Even when my heart was breaking / Now I, will try / To become something new… We will be beautiful…” How extraordinary it is to genuinely love someone so much that it facilitates positive change and growth within the soul. That, my friends, is the power of true love. 

“Beautiful” was written by the fabulous JUNO-Award nominated singer/songwriter Amanda Walther, mixed and mastered by the remarkable Mark Lalama, and accompanied by the talented Adrian Walther on piano/keys and electric guitar. The independently produced motion picture ‘Walk with Me’ is available to stream now, with Amanda’s full 16 original-piece soundtrack release coming June 3rd.

Learn more about “Walk With Me” here:

Jess has always enjoyed a wide range of music genres and eras. Connecting deeply with classical music, she played cello from grade school through high school, and although no longer actively playing, her affinity for finding an emotional connection to music is still strong. Residing in central PA, she is new to the Canadian music scene and enjoys listening to new artists as a way to break away from “the usual.” Jess is an avid yogi who often finds a sliver of peace while on the yoga mat with good music playing in the background.

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