Single Release: Hudsy, “The First Dance”


Regular readers out there may very well be familiar with Dauphin, MB, singer-songwriter Eddie Hudson (Hudsy), whose music video for “My Love” was featured here at GDW last summer.  At that time, Hudsy and his fiance, Brittany, had just relocated from the UK back to North America, finding their new home in Evansville, IN (USA), and looking for ways to financially support their plans to marry and move closer to Nashville. 

Fast forward to 2020 and Hudsy returns with a brand new single titled, “The First Dance,” and just as the name suggests, is a self-penned celebratory composition that reflects on their very recent marriage. And of course, only Hudsy and Brittany would choose to take such a monumental leap not only during a Leap Year, but specifically on a unique date too.  “I was hoping that my next release after ‘My Love’ would be up-tempo, but given that my wedding was February 29th, I wanted to share this song as soon as possible,” Hudsy shares. “It talks of my memory, which is poor sometimes because of my Multiple Sclerosis, and of my fiance’s battles with mental health, and my being there with her.”

Opening up with some gentle acoustic guitar, Hudsy once again demonstrates his keen eye for detailing what he sees and feels when crafting his lyrics: “Remember that first time I smiled at you? / You smiled right back, yeah, you had some kick-ass shoes / Remember that first time I held you in my arms? / It felt so real, so soft, and warm / Remember that first time you went away? / You talked on the phone almost every day / And though my memory tends to fade / I’ll cherish these memories always.”  Such fond memories certainly help both partners continue to overcome their daily dealings with Hudsy’s MS and Brittany’s Bipolar Disorder.  “We’ve always had our struggles, but the memory of good times is what gets you through the rough times,” Hudsy explains.  “We’re always on the look out to find ways to have different types of fun.”

Be sure to pay extra attention to the beautifully written bridge, delivered with so much authenticity and passion as Hudsy expresses love for his life partner during “The First Dance.”  “I know you’re from the South and I hail from the North / But look into my eyes as we sway back and forth / Lean in close to me, hear these words / That I’ll be forever yours! / I love you, and I’ll be forever yours!  / Now you’re here with me!”  “Our original wedding date fell through because my visa did not come in time, and it was different to be married on a leap year,” Hudsy offers when posed the inevitable question about marrying on the rarest of all days.  “Also, being a poor working musician, paying for a fancy gift once every four years suits me down to the ground.”  Sorry Hudsy – but if Brittany reads that comment, good luck in convincing her of your intention.  Somehow, that plan probably won’t fly anymore.

During this time of social distancing and self-isolation, like many other artists, Hudsy is streaming live concerts on Facebook Live and Instagram, sharing music every Friday and Saturday night at 9PM CST.  And as a strong advocate for giving back to others in need in his community, 50% of all tips received are being donated to both his local food bank and the MS society.  He is also taking time to offer free online music lessons and activities for younger viewers too, sharing yet more of his talents and gifts with the online community at large.  Enjoy this new single released today, and be sure to keep your eyes open for more new music later this year from this incredibly versatile singer-songwriter.

Photo credit: Louis Brown

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