Single Release: Jerry Leger, “Jumped In The Humber”

Jerry Leger - Jumped in the Humber

An outtake from Leger’s 2019 album, “Time Out For Tomorrow,” which is being re-released as a deluxe edition on March 26th, 2021, the single is ace Americana-folk-rock.  I was a fan of this song as soon as the first piano notes hit.  There’s a propulsion in the simple chords, accompanied by some great lyrics.  The opening line, “Jumped in the Humber, or was he pushed,” invites the listener to pay close attention.  The lyric also reminds me of another great song; one by Linda and Richard Thompson called “Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed.”  As with all the tracks found on “Time Out For Tomorrow,” this single is also produced by Michael Timmins (The Cowboy Junkies), and was recorded with Jerry’s band, The Situation.  The title makes a reference to the Humber River, which flows through his Toronto home, and spills into Lake Ontario. 

After these first few bars, “Jumped In The Humber” is led by a soft slide guitar.  Anyone familiar with acts like Blue Rodeo and the 76-77 Jackson Browne era will love it.  Now, I realize I’m doing a few comparisons, however, just because Jerry isn’t reinventing the wheel doesn’t mean he isn’t creating something of tender value for the soul.  A song like this is a little like comfort food, the variety you’ve enjoyed your entire life.  I’ve eaten hundreds of home-made lasagnas and each one has been as fulfilling and flavorful as the last. One rarely gets tired of what one truly loves and is passionate for.

The most surprising moment of the song is its quick fade out to end.  Jerry finishes his line, and within seconds, the song is finished.  I fully expected to hear another few bars before it left my speaker.  It’s a shame because the band is stellar.  Another thirty seconds to showcase their precision would have been happily welcomed by this listener.  That being said, perhaps the time restraint was necessary for the physical release the song is to receive on flexi-disc (a real blast-from-the-past) from his official website. “You don’t see those around a lot anymore, but they used to come free with music magazines,” Jerry shares. “I own a Who flexi-disc and all of the original Beatles fan club Christmas records were on flexi-disc.”  Fellow vinyl hounds will need to purchase this one ASAP!!!

You can pre-order Jerry’s latest vinyl recordings exclusively at

Photo Credit: Laura Proctor

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