“Smoke” – New Single & Video From Hiroshima Hearts

Hiroshima Hearts

Hands up if you remember “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire,” the classic 1969 blues hit from Johnnie Taylor.  I personally could not recall the artist, but this memorable song title comes to mind with the release of “Smoke,” the latest single from London, ON, indie-rockers Hiroshima Hearts, their first since “Wreckage” from last summer.  The popular saying, Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, is often delivered as a negative critique of a situation, but for this rising London quartet, the aptly titled “Smoke” perfectly symbolizes a band who continue to set their local music scene on fire since their formation back in 2012.  Hiroshima Hearts play rock & roll for dancing souls…with no frills, no unnecessary ornamentation…only pure energy, grit and gumption.

Comprised of founding members Tyler Turek (guitar) and Michael Del Vecchio (bass), the 2020 Hiroshima Hearts family also includes powerhouse vocalist Jenn Marino and drummer Mark Swan, who collectively created this new single as a testament to all things Rock & Roll past, present, and future. “Smoke” was brought to life by all four bandmates: conceived originally by Mark, guitar cues constructed by Tyler, and a collaborative effort between Jenn and Michael to hash out the lyrics.  “After tireless hours of workshopping, [we] set off to Siegfied Meier’s (Face To Face, The Salads) Beach Road Studios just north of Goderich, ON early in 2020,” share the band.  “Seig and the band curated a creative atmosphere that allowed for carefully shaped tones and truly refined production.”

Accompanying the single release is a high-octane themed music video, created by bassist Michael Del Vecchio using vintage public domain video clips to create a visual journey that is as intense as the musical one.  Featuring an assortment of footage and psychedelia from the late 60s/early 70s, “Smoke” lives and breathes through a 2:51 minute montage of classic muscle cars, pinball machines, cosmic constellations, and gasoline-fueled acts of high adrenaline rebellion.  Clicking on the video link below is the perfect antidote for any mid-week blues you may currently be experiencing – offering a raw and explosive sound that will leave you craving much more from Hiroshima Hearts.

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Photo credit: Brendan Beamish

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