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Ava Wild

Gossip Talkin’ Blues, Episode 11: Midweek Special – Interview With Ava Wild and Brodie Moniker

We were fortunate enough to be able to catch Ava Wild and Brodie Moniker in the middle of their tour of Eastern Canada, so we decided to post this before their tour ends.  Dates still to come in Windsor, Toronto,… Continue Reading →

Gateway Festival Highlight Interview: Ava Wild

I first heard Ava Wild’s terrific debut album, “Bare,” via the Saskatchewan Music 2016 longlist, in which it was included amongst scores of terrific projects.  Ava’s album, however, stood out from the pack thanks to her singing, creative guitar playing… Continue Reading →

A Marathon Run Through Saskatchewan Music’s Best of 2016 Longlist

Recently Saskatchewan Music posted their 2016 longlist for voting, complete with a Spotify playlist containing many of the nominated projects.  Because I was mostly (and sadly) unfamiliar with the Saskatchewan music scene, I thought this was a great opportunity to… Continue Reading →

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