#TuesdayTunesDay: New Song Roundup, 22 May 2018

Collage 5/22/2018

New songs keep appearing in our email and our socials, so we’re more than happy to keep spreading the word.  Here is a sampling of what’s arrived recently at GDW HQ.

Noah Derksen, “Nothing”

Contemplative Folk singer-songwriter Noah Derksen’s songs are rooted in lyrical introspection and melodic structures, and recently Noah released “Nothing,” the second of two brand-new musical offerings from the Winnipeg musician.

“There’s a specific moment within periods of intimacy in which the rest of the world ceases to exist; the noise is halted, existential questioning lands no meaning, and in sweeps a deep, resounding — and unwavering — contentment. A clarity so pure that seemingly nothing could ever be of more significance. It’s in these moments where ‘Nothing’ was born,” said Noah.

Noah teamed up with JUNO and WCMA award-winning graphic designer, Roberta Landreth (Steve Bell, The Bros. Landreth) to create the artwork for both singles. When asked about the final piece for Nothing, Roberta said, “I drew a hand holding a tiger lily. Something simple and beautiful. I thought this imagery was a nod to the gentleness, and idea of savoring the simplest of things in the song. In Winnipeg, tiger lilies grow wild in back lanes all summer, but it’s always so striking to me that this gorgeous flower essentially grows like a weed. I thought this could be a great example of something simple, ordinary and beautiful.”

Visit Noah Derksen’s website.


Frank Feutré, “Aquaïens”

I’ve often been thankful for icimusique.ca (the French-language CBC music site), as its curators have introduced us to some fabulous stuff we wouldn’t otherwise have heard.  One such is the title track from the new album by Frank Feutré, a collective of musicians led by Benjamin Bleuez and also including Terrence Lacroix, Hannah Rahimi, Malaïka Racine, and Arnaud Gros-Burdet.  The music has an excellently cool 1970s prog rock vibe – think Harmonium with synthesizers.  Their new project, just out last Friday, will stream on Ici Musique until 25 May.  Even if you don’t understand French, this is still well worth your time.

Preview and buy “Aquaïens” on Bandcamp.


Wax Mannequin, “People Can Change”

Wax Mannequin (aka Hamilton, Ontario’s Christopher Adeney) is set to release his seventh album, “Have A New Name,” on June 22 through Coax Records/Outside Music. Immediately after, he will embark on a tour to the west coast, which kicks off June 23 at This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton.

As Wax Mannequin, Adeney has established himself as a profound lyricist and songsmith, as well as a self-effacing showman. His music also reveals him to be a student of the human psyche, constantly finding fresh and interesting ways to frame the people we are and the things we encounter. All of that is gloriously displayed on “Have A New Name,” the result of Adeney reuniting with producer Edwin Burnett, with whom he made some of the first Wax Mannequin recordings in the early 2000s.

Visit Wax Mannequin’s website.

Pre-order “Have a New Name.”


George Belliveau, “Y’a rien d’wrong avec ça”

Although this song appears on George Belliveau’s 2016 album “Drop l’aiguille,” it’s only just being released for radio, so we’re thrilled to include it here.  The album made our 2016 favorites list for releases from New Brunswick and while we’re eager for new music, we’d love for more folks to hear this terrific project.

Originally from Pré-d’en-haut, George Belliveau comes from a musical family, and released his first solo album in 2006; “Drop l’aiguille” is his fourth album.  In addition to his work as a performer, he also has produced albums for artists such as Danny Boudreau, The Backyard Devils, and Annie Blanchard.

Visit George Belliveau’s website.

Preview and buy “Drop l’aiguille” on Bandcamp.


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