Video Premiere: Amanda Walther, “Everything Can Wait”

Amanda Walther - Everything Can Wait

Just when I thought my ears could not be happier after hearing “Walk Me Home,” the latest single release from jazz duo Dizzy & Fay, Amanda Walther (Fay) turns around and surprises me with more.  This time, the multi-faceted JUNO nominated singer-songwriter showcases her solo talents with both the single and video release of “Everything Can Wait.”  

Produced by Adrian Walther (her equally talented brother), and mixed/mastered by Mark Lalama (Dizzy), this track is one of 16 original songs that Amanda wrote for an upcoming indie film titled “Walk with Me,” a woman-centered film by Isabel del Rosal for which she wrote the entire soundtrack.  Amanda has been working on the album for four years, but after enjoying her debut release from last year, “I Will Be The Light,” and now this follow up, well, it was certainly worth the wait.

“You know when someone enters your life and without meaning to changes it forever?” is a question Amanda recently posed to herself. “Isabel del Rosal is one of those people for me, and the moment she asked me to write music for her first feature film Walk With Me my life changed in incredible ways. I honestly don’t know if I would have ever had the courage to write and release my own (solo) songs … and I wasn’t quite sure if I could really do it on my own.”

Amanda Walther

“Everything Can Wait” could easily be a sweet serenade to oneself.  Backed by Adrian Walther on organ/keys and electric guitar, Amanda strums a delicate tune on acoustic guitar that complements her euphonious voice perfectly.  She starts with a beautiful example of something we all can relate to anticipating: “Everything can wait, just a little bit, it takes a whole day for the sun to set / And the most beautiful colors are at the end / Everything can wait / Just a little bit.”  It reminds us to simply trust the timing of our lives, and that good things do come when we allow them to happen as they are meant to.  Life may be short, and there is no sense in rushing through it.

Sometimes things may not happen as quickly as we think they should, but as Amanda continues, we are reminded even more that the universe has a plan and it will come together no sooner than it is meant to be: “It takes time / To get it right / It took a billion years before there was light / And three billion more before birds took flight / It takes time / To get it right.”  Released today, “Everything Can Wait” is the magic answer song that speaks to the soul when one needs reminding that timing is essential.  The truth is that it is important to give things the time needed in their season to come to fruition; you just need to wait, to find patience, and you’ll eventually see what is to come.

To coincide with the single, Amanda debuts her accompanying music video here with us today, itself also directed by Isabel del Rosal, and includes movie scene footage.  “The Walk With Me story truly lives in the heart of this song, and so it was fitting to have Isabel direct the music video,” Amanda offers. “I learned so much through this process of writing music for this film: to be brave yet patient with myself, focus on what really matters and love every step of life along the way.”

Photo Credit: Luke Divers

Learn more about “Walk With Me” here:

Join Amanda for a “Walk With Me” Q&A tonight here (8pm ET).

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