Video Premiere: Jeffery Straker, “I’ll Be Missing You This Christmas”

Jeffery Straker

Jeffery Straker’s originally penned tune, “I’ll Be Missing You This Christmas,” taken from his recently released 3-piece folk-roots collection, “This Christmas,” is a heartfelt nod to his recently departed mother who was the foundation of the family and the festive season.  A theme that is all too common for many this time of year, Jeffery sings of the longing for a loved one.  “I wanted to write a song for mom last year – the first Christmas since she’d passed away – but I was just emotionally unable,” he reveals. “Time has allowed me to really access so many great memories of her now so this song, though a sad tune of remembrance, is also a celebration.”

For me, “I’ll Be Missing You This Christmas” is a warm hug of a carol as it evokes childhood memories of visiting my grandmother over the holiday. Reminiscing of all the decorations she would have up, the big family dinner we would enjoy on Christmas Eve, followed by opening presents the next morning.  All similar to the memories Jeffery lovingly recreates throughout this song: “Family gathered round the table / We’d laugh and raise a glass and make merry / … And when we’re opening the presents on that morning / Seeing the kid in everyone.

With this lyric video, Straker gives the viewer a nostalgic Christmas carol scene; simply staged with a beautiful piano, twinkling lights, and the lyrics rolling by with hand-written sentiment.  It is as if he invited us all to gather around and sing along: “And we’d sing all those great old carols / But now it’s just the slow ones that draw me in / Sitting with the songbooks at the piano / Memories takin’ my mind wandering / I’ll be missing you this Christmas / It won’t be the same without you here.”

Inviting acoustic guitar sets the tone, courtesy of Murray Pulver, with a touch of steel guitar behind the emotional vocals.  Even more lovely is that Jeffery is accompanied by his sister Jill on harmonies.  “Mom loved her family and she loved Christmas.  Jill and I really enjoyed singing this for her,” Jeffery adds.  “I hope people hear this as a tribute to those who can no longer be with a loved one at Christmastime.”

Listen to Jeffery’s holiday EP here:

Learn about Jeffery’s Christmas & New Year tour dates here:

Jess has always enjoyed a wide range of music genres and eras. Connecting deeply with classical music, she played cello from grade school through high school, and although no longer actively playing, her affinity for finding an emotional connection to music is still strong. Residing in central PA, she is new to the Canadian music scene and enjoys listening to new artists as a way to break away from “the usual.” Jess is an avid yogi who often finds a sliver of peace while on the yoga mat with good music playing in the background.

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