Video Premiere: Melanie Peterson, “Back To You”

Melanie Peterson

Toronto, ON singer-songwriter & actress Melanie Peterson shares two exciting pieces of news today, the first being the formal announcement of the upcoming release of her latest EP, “We Got This,” and the second about the launch of a music video, that we are delighted to debut here today for her latest single, “Back to You.”

Originally from Saskatoon, SK, Peterson proudly calls the Toronto Beaches home, and shares her love for the city’s east side throughout this music video, thanks in part to the artistic direction of fellow east-ender Sean Ryan, who merges glorious footage of riding the “Queen Car East” on the TTC past picturesque homes and historic buildings, and finally out to Silver Birch Beach. 

Opening with some tone-setting low-end guitar twang, the torch is quickly passed to Melanie and her softer acoustic guitar strums, before bursting into the upbeat opening verse. “I thought ‘oh my my, I’m looking at a dream’ the first time I looked at you / One hand in your pocket, ripped jeans, taking in the room,” she recites. “And I thought ‘oh my god, if he comes over, I might just give him a chance’ / Nice to meet ya, where’ve you been, do you wanna dance?

The EP is scheduled to drop on November 27th, and was produced and mixed by Mitch Girio in Toronto. Girio also handles the lead guitar duties for Melanie on “Back to You,” rounded out by Peter Collins (bass) and Mark Mariash (drums), and mastered by GRAMMY-nominated engineer Joao Carvalho (July Talk, Hollerado).  With a lively rhythm and upbeat melodies, Peterson is excited about taking her traditional folk-leanings in this new direction.  “Mitch Girio and I took another step away from folk and moved closer to pop, building on what we started with my previous EP,” she shares.  “We added some lush string arrangements that I think really put the icing on the cake.”

Now I want to feel the way that we did that night / that night / alone in the room full of strangers with stars in their eyes,” Melanie continues, building into her catchy chorus. “But I got caught up in the concrete jungle / Following the yellow moon / Wanna get back / Wanna get back / Get back to you.”  Flashes of Toronto life bounce across the screen, photographer Michael Borlace depicting a city transitioning from summer to fall, with vivid images of vibrant colors on the trees, and the choppy whitecaps of Lake Ontario.  “When I find you / I will hold you / Hold you all night long / Hold you tighter / Hold you closer / Than anyone / And I won’t let go / I won’t let go.

Photo Credit: James Dean

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