We are passionate fans of Canadian music who are stuck south of the border… but we don’t let geography get in the way of following our favorite music.

Team GDW:

L ~ Exposed to the wonders of CBC and Montréal Canadiens hockey as a teenager thanks to a satellite dish in rural Kansas, I have been an unabashed lover of all things Canadian ever since.  I am a lifelong collector of esoteric and varied music, a teacher of piano, and an aspiring multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin, mandola, ukulele).  In real life, I work in the field of technology.

M ~ The bare necessities: Tim Horton’s coffee. Hockey, hockey, hockey. Cold Rickard’s Red. This may sound like the average Canadian male, but I am a Brit who crossed the ocean and crash-landed in central Pennsylvania.  (To quote Blue Rodeo, “What am I doing here?”)  As a longtime music lover, access to CBC radio has exposed me to a great Canadian music scene.  As a budding bass player-in-training, I enjoy the live music experiences that reinforce my passion for music, both as a listener and a musician.

Team GDW is also supported by a fine staff of ferocious felines who (barely) tolerate practice nights and always decline the offers to accompany us on our musical road trips.