A selection of our articles about jazz music in Canada.

Celebrate the Holidays With the Halifax Jazz Festival and Support Music Education

The Halifax Jazz Festival is expanding its annual holiday fundraiser this season, adding a new show, “Swing Into The Holidays,” for the evening entertainment, along with perennial family favorite, “Tales of a Charlie Brown Christmas,” featuring Jerry Granelli, for the matinee show. Both shows are all ages and part of the Jazz Festival’s… Continue Reading →

Interview: The Lesters, “The Promise”

Tory Cassis, Murray Foster, and Jeff Ulster have each enjoyed significant careers, but (as for other musicians) there were still some musical avenues awaiting exploration.  As The Lesters, they have been walking one of those avenues (mixing folk, jazz, and… Continue Reading →

Interview: Diana Panton, “solstice/equinox”

Today, two-time Juno winner Diana Panton celebrates the release of her new album, “solstice/equinox,” a celebration of the four seasons in song.  Together with several longtime collaborators, including Don Thompson and Reg Schwager, Diana has crafted an absolutely gorgeous collection of… Continue Reading →

Starting a New Adventure: Kensington Market Jazz Festival, Toronto

Wanting to enjoy yet another later summer weekend in southern Ontario, we had the good fortune of spending some quality time on Saturday afternoon/evening in the heart of Kensington Market to experience our first true taste of the Toronto jazz… Continue Reading →