A selection of our articles about blues music in Canada.

Highlights from The Sound of Music Festival, Burlington, ON

Having enjoyed catching up with The Once during their Friday evening performance at the Sound Of Music Festival, Team GDW took delight in seeing plenty of artists over the course of the weekend.  What we found particularly impressive about the… Continue Reading →

Review: Riot and the Blues Devils, “The Roxboro Sessions”

I have spent time with so many good albums recently, that it has been quite a challenge to pick just a few to feature here on Great Dark Wonder.  With plenty of hard rock, alt-country, and even some electronica over… Continue Reading →

Interview: Steve Dawson, “Lucky Hand”

Ever since a chance encounter with Leo Kottke many eons ago at a festival in Alabama, I’ve been a huge fan of fingerstyle guitar players who aren’t afraid to span the musical spectrum with their playing.  So I was immediately… Continue Reading →

“The One-Man Blues Rock Band” – Interview With Steve Hill

I would suspect that the first response that a listener might make to Steve Hill’s new album, “The One-Man Blues Rock Band,” would be is: “that can’t possibly be one person.”  Oh, yes, it is… Steve Hill is not only a… Continue Reading →

Interview: Emily Burgess, “Are We in Love”

With her new album, “Are We in Love?,” Toronto-based blues guitarist Emily Burgess has stormed onto the scene with a vengeance. This absolutely phenomenal album is a tour de force, and if folks weren’t paying attention before, this project should… Continue Reading →