Advance Stream: Kristi Lane Sinclair, “The Ability to Judge Distance”

Kristi Lane Sinclair - Ability to Judge Distance

As modern rock continues to expand and evolve, it is artists like Kristi Lane Sinclair who are at the vanguard. The Toronto-based singer/songwriter draws equally from her Haida/Cree heritage and her love of both grunge and classical music to create a sound that challenges long-held preconceptions, while telling her own unique story.

On her new five-song EP, “The Ability To Judge Distance,” Sinclair gets even closer to the bone in exploring themes of love and anger. Recorded with a four-piece band, with violin featured as prominently as electric guitars, the tracks were laid down live at Jukasa Studios, located on Six Nations Territory in Oshweken, Ontario. Sinclair produced the sessions herself, her intention being to capture all of the raw energy of her live performances.

In advance of the album’s release next Friday (16 March), you can listen to the album stream here on GDW!

Visit Kristi Lane Sinclair’s website here.

Preorder the CD on Bandcamp.

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