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Joel Plaskett

Bill & Joel Plaskett Bring Solidarity to Hamilton

Fresh off our return journey from London, ON, the prior weekend, Team GDW were back on the road  last Friday in anticipation of a wonderful evening with Joel Plaskett at The Studio in Hamilton, ON.  Shortly after the inception of… Continue Reading →

Review: Bill and Joel Plaskett, “Solidarity”

In many ways, this blog would not exist without Joel Plaskett. It was his electrifying (and electrified) performance in Parry Sound, ON, in May 2015 that elevated our love for Canadian music from passive enjoyment to active, even crazy (to… Continue Reading →

Upcoming New Releases on Our Radar

In the last few days, several artists have announced dates for their new releases in the first quarter of 2017.  We’re still catching up on 2016 at Team GDW (and trying to winnow down a favorites list), but here are… Continue Reading →

Musings: #tbt A Blast From the P.A.S.T.

Rewind back to spring 2015, when singer/songwriter Joel Plaskett released his most recent (to date) studio album “The Park Avenue Sobriety Test” (P.A.S.T.).  After hearing the debut single “On a Dime” (thanks to satellite radio here in the US), and… Continue Reading →

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