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Guy Bélanger – Surprises In Every Part of “Traces and Scars”

Some months ago, I began seeing hints that a new album was forthcoming from Guy Bélanger, who is (rightly) considered one of the best harmonica players in Québec if not North America.  Although I was not terribly familiar with his work,… Continue Reading →

Fast Romantics – The Eagerly Awaited “American Love” Release

As a fresh, but very dedicated Canadian music blogger, one of the toughest tasks is finding that next great thing.  It is easy to rehash articles about seasoned performers, personal favorites and the like, but with the seemingly endless emergence… Continue Reading →

Take a Chance on Me: Jason Kent

The concept of this series of articles was to share our enjoyment of music found in the most obscure of places, by artists that are completely unknown to us.  With our previous reviews of both The Marrieds and The Harpoonist… Continue Reading →

Snappy Snippets: Tanika Charles, Ariane Moffatt, Tim Bastmeyer, nêhiyawak

It’s been a while since we brought you an edition of “Snappy Snippets,” but we have a pile of music awaiting our attention this month – so watch for more to come.  This time around, we bring you a variety… Continue Reading →

Find a New Favorite: Adam Baldwin

As we have mentioned several times on this blog, having access to Canadian stations on satellite radio has been instrumental in bringing hordes of new artists to our attention.  One of the most recent tracks heard was “Daylight” by ‘newcomer’… Continue Reading →

Feist: (An Absolute Listening) Pleasure

It was not too long ago when the media buzz increased surrounding the upcoming release of a new album by Leslie Feist, and it certainly prompted me to rediscover her 2011 album, ‘Metals’ (see review here).  After such a lengthy… Continue Reading →

Take a Chance on Me: The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, “Apocalipstick”

On a recent trip up north, M and I were surprised beyond belief to find not one but several new releases already in a used CD store bin.  (Before any artists panic at the thought that their hard work has… Continue Reading →

FBF: Remembering That First Taste of Live Canadian Music

As we wrapped up my post-concert review for the Joel and Bill Plaskett concert in Hamilton, ON, recently, we linked to a previous piece written illustrating how Joel Plaskett was indeed the first Canadian artist we had the pleasure to see… Continue Reading →

Under the Mojo Stars’ Influence: Album Review

With their recent release “Under the Influence,” Vancouver-based The Mojo Stars have ended a seven-year recording hiatus that saw them add color to their sound with B3 and saxophone players.  As terrific as their previous release, “Devil’s Advocate,” was, the… Continue Reading →

Take A Chance On Me: The Marrieds, “Fire in the Flame”

Team GDW have recently found numerous new artists/albums (that are completely unknown to us) in an assortment of places: used CD stores, flea markets, thrift stores, and so on.  Given that such purchases are both inexpensive and made entirely on… Continue Reading →

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