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Review: Tampa, “Belated Love”

Tampa’s debut album “Belated Love” is brimming with memorable moments and lyrics; it’s difficult to narrow down my favorites. The ability to take familiar pop/rock sonic landscapes but, make them definitively your own, is a delicate and tricky balance, which Tampa… Continue Reading →

Review: Kalle Mattson, “Youth.”

Of his new project, Kalle Mattson says, “‘Youth.’ is a coming of age album. It’s about when your dreams becomes your regrets, when your friends become strangers, & when your first love becomes your first loss.”  As I’ve been listening… Continue Reading →

Review: Newport Electric, “Thin Wild Mercury”

Winding down well into the latter half of 2018, there remains no shortage of great new album releases within the Canadian folk-rock genre.  We recently heard from John Couture, lead singer/guitarist from Newport Electric, who was very excited to share… Continue Reading →

Review: Chris Monson, “Seldom in the Well”

Chris Monson has astoundingly created a sultry, smoky and languid debut. Each instrument is masterfully played and captured in this timeless collection of jazz originals. In the first track, “Where the Leaf Has Been,” bandleader Monson takes a backseat, letting… Continue Reading →

Find a New Favorite: Terence Jack

We picked up a copy of the 2016 release “Never Get Back” recently at the Philadelphia Folk Festival after hearing a few tracks performed by Terence and his band.  Impressed by our first introduction to this music from Vancouver’s Terence… Continue Reading →

Review: Great Lake Swimmers, “The Waves, The Wake”

Tony Dekker, lead singer and songwriter for Great Lake Swimmers, has long been a master of musical introspection.  The band’s previous albums have explored the interior depths with wit and wisdom; their latest project, “The Waves, The Wake,” steps even… Continue Reading →

Review: Basement Revolver, “Heavy Eyes”

Grungy, fuzzed-out guitars and breathy, reverb heavy vocals make it easy to compare Basement Revolver to Alvvays and Snail Mail.  There’s no reason “Heavy Eyes” shouldn’t garner similar praise and accolades to these recent critic darlings. That being said, do… Continue Reading →

Review: Little Kid, “Might As Well With My Soul”

Toronto’s Little Kid have created a perfect carousel of gentle, quirky, alt-rock sonic pleasures with “Might As Well With My Soul.” At times relaxed… sometimes jarring and propulsive, elsewhere honeyed and sugary… the instrumentation melds languidly with the eloquent, sometimes… Continue Reading →

Sparkling, Ephemeral Sounds Orbit the Simple Uncomplicated Beauty of Astral Swans’ Latest Release

What first struck me in Astral Swans’ “Strange Prison” was the intimacy in Matthew Swann’s vocals. It sounds like he’s affectionately speaking, directly to you.  There’s no shouting to the rafters… it’s a melodic, gentle and seemingly effortless style of… Continue Reading →

Review: Lindi Ortega, “Liberty”

As I relax and listen to the brand new album from Lindi Ortega in the summer of 2018, I do so with a very content smile on my face.  Why, I hear you ask?  Go ahead and rewind the clock… Continue Reading →

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