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Cool Splendor: “Sky Glow,” The Chris Platt Trio

I’ve been living with this album for a while, letting it seep into my senses – some albums just need that space to breathe in one’s heart and mind, to get truly well acquainted.  “Sky Glow,” the recent release from… Continue Reading →

Review: Ryan Cook, “Having A Great Time”

It was during a recent review of the new album by Sean Burns and LOST COUNTRY that I posed the question, “If modern country is no longer country, and alt-country is the new country, then where can I possibly find… Continue Reading →

Finding Space in the Noir: Chris Wallace’s Many Names, “Somewhere Sacred”

Since I’m still somewhat of a jazz neophyte (at least from the standpoint of listening it with a semi-critical ear), I can’t claim an authoritative voice as a tastemaker. As a music lover, though, I can certainly attempt to articulate… Continue Reading →

Review: Signs to the City, “Not Made Of Miracles”

Team GDW recently received a copy of “Not Made Of Miracles,” the debut full-length album from Signs to the City, and I was curious to explore the music of this Winnipeg based alt-rock band.  Previously performing under the name ‘The… Continue Reading →

Review: The Fugitives, “The Promise Of Strangers”

We have been incredibly fortunate to work with several new artists over the last few months and share their first or new album releases with our audience.  Indeed, if there is one thing that constantly fuels our passion for Canadian… Continue Reading →

Review: VK, “Terms and Conditions”

As music bloggers, we are always happy to share the music of artists both firmly established and previously unknown to us.  Social media has led us to many new artists from all over Canada, and recently, musicians have discovered our… Continue Reading →

Review: Steve Maloney, “The Memory Game”

In response to our year-end roundups, a Facebook reader pointed us to the longlist for the 2017 Borealis Music Prize for more terrific albums from Newfoundland.  I’m delighted that he took the time to make the suggestion.  There are several… Continue Reading →

Take A Chance On Me: The Mississippi Kings

It was during one of the last excursions to Ontario in late 2017 that we stumbled across a ‘local music’ section within a used CD store.  Sifting through a rack of bands completely unknown to us, we saw a perfect… Continue Reading →

Find a New Favorite: Kelly Song Collective, “Unless and Until”

Every now and then, we encounter the music of a new (or recently established) artist, and naturally want to share their music with a wider audience.  Glancing back at our last two “Find a new Favorite” articles, we featured The… Continue Reading →

2017 Year-End Roundup: Our Final Four (Each)

Late last week, M texted me (L) that he wanted to do a set of snappy snippets of his four absolute favorite albums from 2017.  Okay, I said… but it didn’t seem quite right that his favorites should go up… Continue Reading →

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