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Northern Ontario’s Jackson Reed Takes Us on a Dream Pop Excursion: “Dark Areas of Description”

On his second album titled “Dark Areas of Description,” singer/songwriter Jackson Reed gives us a short but beautiful glimpse into his world.  Here is a track-by-track summary: “Dark Areas of Description” –This lustrous, unconventional, and beautiful acoustic guitar instrumental opens… Continue Reading →

Review: Jack Garton, “Love You Over Time”

I have had the great pleasure of discovering some incredibly diverse Canadian albums over the last few months.  From Sean Burns (pure country) and The Savilles (indie-rock), to Northern Quarter (contemporary folk-rock) and Hugh Christopher Brown (“a living, breathing experience”),… Continue Reading →

Review: The Lifers, “Honey Suite”

For The Lifers, a sister duo from Guelph, ON, “Honey Suite” is an apt moniker indeed for their latest album… harmonies as sweet and intense as honey, a suite of songs by turns quietly intense and powerfully ethereal.  Liv and… Continue Reading →

Review: The Savilles, “Something Strange”

We recently attended the “Grilled Cheese Challenge” in western Toronto and randomly encountered some great live music from The Savilles, a four-piece local indie-rock band that quickly caught my attention. Virtually impossible to not notice the band in their very… Continue Reading →

Review: Broomsticks & Hammers, “Mirror Box”

As our exposure continues to grow within the Canadian music scene, we frequently receive recommendations for new music and introductions from musicians looking to promote new material.  Sometimes all it takes is a chance encounter, as was the case with… Continue Reading →

Review: Riot and the Blues Devils, “The Roxboro Sessions”

I have spent time with so many good albums recently, that it has been quite a challenge to pick just a few to feature here on Great Dark Wonder.  With plenty of hard rock, alt-country, and even some electronica over… Continue Reading →

Snappy Snippets: Nick Faye & the Deputies, Reuben and the Dark, Hugh Christopher Brown, C&C Surf Factory

The life of a music blogger is never a dull one.  With so many new album releases, there is just so little time to get to them all, it seems.  Listening to as many as possible, it is impossible to… Continue Reading →

Review: Joan Smith & the Jane Does, “Normalize”

Team GDW spent a recent evening in Toronto to check out a live show by The Mercenaries, an ensemble of local musicians who truly get together to jam with some amazing cover versions.  And what a collection of Ontario musical… Continue Reading →

Random Record Revival: Chris Velan, “Fables For Fighters”

It occurred to me not too long ago that it had been quite a while since I randomly picked an older CD out of the collection at home, and spend some time rediscovering it during my daily commute.  In my… Continue Reading →

Review: The Stanfields, “Limboland”

For those of you that have seen previous articles that I’ve published, you already know that I have never pulled any punches when seeking out some good old fashioned hard rock music within the current Canadian new music scene.  Sure,… Continue Reading →

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