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Interview: Rodney DeCroo, “Old Tenement Man”

Once I’d heard Rodney DeCroo’s forthcoming album, “Old Tenement Man,” I absolutely could not get it out of my mind. Songs like “I’ve Got a Mirror, I’ve Got a Gun” (exploring how pain can turn into art, sometimes in unhealthy ways) and… Continue Reading →

Interview: The Wellington Folk, “Reverie”

I was meandering through the Regional Top Ten lists from this year’s CBC Searchlight competition not too long ago when I came across one band that especially caught my ear.  The Wellington Folk, based in Calgary, feature an uptempo sound that… Continue Reading →

Release Day Interview: Chris Antonik, “Monarch”

With the release of his new album, “Monarch,” Chris Antonik is opening a new chapter in his musical career – a more personal, inward-focused approach that sees Antonik exploring questions of forgiveness, redemption, and moving past the inevitable stumbling blocks… Continue Reading →

Glenn Milchem: The GDW Interview

Team GDW recently reached out to Blue Rodeo drummer Glenn Milchem, and are both thrilled and grateful to have an exclusive interview with this renowned musician.  Fresh off the end of the “1000 Arms” tour, Glenn was kind enough to answer… Continue Reading →

Interview: Cassie and Maggie

Earlier this year, Cassie and Maggie MacDonald released “The Willow Collection,” a stellar and sprightly collection of traditional music delivered in their unique style.  In addition to their terrific instrumental work, the new album also features an increased emphasis on… Continue Reading →

Interview: Kayla Luky

In January, Manitoba-based singer-songwriter Kayla Luky released her latest album, “Back to Dirt.”  The project offers a self-assured set of songs that finds Luky exploring a more traditional country sound than is present in some of her previous work. The… Continue Reading →

Interview: Scotty Hills

Last month saw the release of Scotty Hills’ latest EP, “Nature Girl,” a tour de force both musically and lyrically.  Thoughtful and deep lyrics define the album, which also finds Hills exploring a variety of musical genres, focusing even more… Continue Reading →

Interview: Ron Hawkins

We’ve made many references in this blog to the Blue Rodeo concert at the Sanderson Centre in Brantford, ON, that we attended back in September 2016.  For Team GDW, this was a turning point in our concert-going adventures, as we… Continue Reading →

Interview: Common Deer, EP I

Last November, we had the opportunity to hear Common Deer open for The Franklin Electric at the Horseshoe Tavern.  We found ourselves immediately struck not only by their musical talent, but also by their ability to capture and hold an… Continue Reading →

Interview: Chris Gostling & The Tempo, “Breath, Blood & Tempo”

With the recent release of their first album, “Breath, Blood & Tempo,” Chris Gostling & The Tempo have marked a transitional point: from frequent live performers in the Toronto area to recording artists who hopefully will gain an audience across… Continue Reading →

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