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Nadia Labrie: A “Flute Passion” for Schubert

Franz Schubert’s passionate, romantic music seems a perfect place for a fresh start – which is exactly what flutist Nadia Labrie is launching with her new album, “Flute Passion: Schubert.”  Some might know her work as half of the duo… Continue Reading →

Interview: Exploring the “Lost Villages” With Robert Diack

With his new album “Lost Villages,” jazz drummer Robert Diack is exploring not only the geography of Ontario’s nine “Lost” villages (submerged as part of construction on the St. Lawrence Seaway), but also a new musical topography.  Each of the… Continue Reading →

“Priceless” – Interview With Joey Niceforo

With the release of his first solo album, Joey Niceforo has stepped onto the international musical stage in a big way – most artists, after all, don’t get the chance to record their first project at Abbey Road Studios as… Continue Reading →

Learning to Be “Ms. Behave” – Interview With Rosie & the Riveters

Do a search for Saskatchewan-based trio Rosie & the Riveters in your favorite search engine and you’ll see this meta description under the link: “vintage-inspired folk anthems that paint a portrait of a woman’s voice in a man’s world.”  If… Continue Reading →

Thinking About Body Bandits and Teaching Men: Interview With The Solhounds

As most people who know both M and me are aware, his musical past includes a fair amount of metal; mine, none.  And while I usually shy away from heavier sounds, the music of Winnipeg-based band The Solhounds appeals to… Continue Reading →

Discovering the “Night Sky” – Interview With Raine Hamilton

Listening to Raine Hamilton’s new album “Night Sky” is a rare, exquisite experience.  Her style – which some describe as chamber folk – is a transcendent mix of classical chamber music with gorgeous, ethereal folksinging.  For someone like me, who… Continue Reading →

Interview: Kristi Lane Sinclair, “The Ability to Judge Distance”

With her new EP, Kristi Lane Sinclair explores a vast range of sounds, drawing not only from her Haida/Cree ancestry but also from her love of grunge and classical music.  “The Ability to Judge Distance,” which Sinclair also produced, is… Continue Reading →

Meeting on “The Bridge” – Interview With West of Mabou

The Saskatchewan-based Celtic group West of Mabou first came to our attention shortly after their self-titled debut was released – a deft, delightful set of tunes that clearly signified a bright future ahead.  With their newest album, “The Bridge,” the… Continue Reading →

Discovering “Animalia” – Interview with Elk Run & Riot

With their third full-length album, Alberta-based band Elk Run & Riot continue to explore their environment and the lives of those around them with their addictive blend of folk and rock.  “Animalia” is an excellent collection of uptempo tunes that… Continue Reading →

“Speak in Rhythms”: Interview With Carmanah

Ever so often, an album comes along that is utterly impossible to take out of the player.  “Speak in Rhythms,” the first national release from BC-based Carmanah, is one such project.  From its opening track, the delectably lilting “Roots,” to… Continue Reading →

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