Dala Share a Brand New Christmas Tune

Dala - Christmas Single

Scarborough, ON, acoustic-folk duo, Dala, release a brand new tune today, the first in almost seven years for this partnership of Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther.  Titled, “Christmas Time is not the Same,” Sheila drew her inspiration for this festive themed composition from the loss of a beloved family member.  Accompanying this new release is a music video, directed by Luke Divers, and produced by good friend, Brian MacMillan (Kennedy Road).

We caught up with both Sheila and Amanda during their recent performance in Jim Thorpe, PA, and were not only privy to hearing this song, but also learned of Sheila’s motivation for composing it.  “Last year I sat down to write my Christmas cards, and I was writing the names of all of the people I love: friends and family,” Sheila announced during that October evening.  “Earlier last year my uncle passed away very suddenly. He was diagnosed with cancer, and he died within a few weeks.  I’d never witnessed something like that up close, in particular with somebody I know and love, and seeing them transform before your eyes.”

With “Christmas Time is not the Same,” both Sheila and Amanda seek to offer comfort to those who have suffered loss or personal tragedy during the holiday season; that to grieve is to have loved. “He was a very humble and beautiful man, so when he passed away, it was this passing of this figure that I thought was permanent,” Sheila recalls.  “So when I got to my Christmas card list, and I went to write his name, I realized I’m not going to write his name again.  Christmas can really bring that sort of thing to the surface for so many people each year when it comes around again.”

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