“Dance in the Sun” – Video From Jon Stancer

Jon Stancer

Toronto singer/songwriter Jon Stancer has released a new video for “Dance In The Sun,” one of the standout tracks from his debut solo album, “For The Birds.” The video beautifully captures the song’s dreamy, free-spirited message, while reflecting the music’s lush, hook-laden pop-rock sound.

A veteran vocalist and guitarist within Toronto’s alternative music scene, Stancer had taken a lengthy break from making music when in 2015, he acquiesced to a compelling and growing urge to make an album. For several months, he wrote and recorded a number of demos in his home studio. He then called on Jono Grant to produce, and the two joined forces at Grant’s Victory Drive Studio in downtown Toronto.

The results on “For The Birds” cast a wide net, boasting an array of sounds and tapping into varied musical landscapes. The album contains all of the basic ingredients for great rock and roll: energetic drums, buoyant bass lines, bright acoustic and shiny electric guitars, piano and organ. The addition of horns, strings and a range of percussion, along with various sonic nuances create what Stancer describes as, “a pop record, I think—at least in the traditional sense. If not pop, I really don’t know what single genre it fits into. It’s an interesting collection of songs.”

“For The Birds” is available through iTunes, CD Baby and Bandcamp.

Visit Jon Stancer’s website.

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