Doors At 8, Show At 9: Station 1 Coffeehouse, Grimsby, ON

Station One Coffeehouse

Regular readers of our blog know how passionate we are about Canadian artists and the live music scene.  Aiming to review almost every concert we attend, the focus is often centered squarely on the musician or band, and their material.

Until now, there has been little emphasis on the venue itself where the artist(s) performed, and let’s face it, with different venues come a whole array of experiences and emotions from each show.  Whether singing with thousands of others at a stadium concert, or relaxing at your favorite coffee shop listening to a guest musician, sometimes it is that setting that also creates great memories of a show.  We can all reminisce on venues that we have been too, or heard about, where music and good times go hand in hand.  With this in mind, Team GDW welcome you to our debut “Doors At 8, Show At 9” feature, where the venue itself takes the spotlight.

Station 1 Coffeehouse is located in Grimsby, Ontario, a small community just a short distance from Hamilton.  We have yet to visit this relatively new music venue, but have heard nothing but good stories from friends who have attended concerts here (shows that recently included Madison Violet and The Weber Brothers).  With an impressive list of upcoming shows, Team GDW are eager to visit this intimate location pretty soon. We were introduced to Al Fralick (concert promoter) last Fall, and after bouncing this idea off him, took pleasure in offering Station 1 the role of test pilot for this new feature.  Al was kind enough to chat with us this week about this unique music venue.

What can you tell us about the origins of the venue?

Station 1 Coffeehouse in its previous life was the fire station for the town of Grimsby.  After the new station was built some years back, it became a gym for a period of time. Then it was closed, until Laurie Didyk-Mindorf opened her coffeehouse named “Station 1 Coffeehouse.”

Using “VENUE” as an acronym, what can you tell us about the Vibe, Energy, Nostalgia, Uniqueness and Entertainment at Station 1 Coffeehouse?

Vibe: depending on the artist, it can be small and intimate, or live and loud.

Energy:  the audience are respectful, and engage with the artist.

Nostalgia:  the look is an eclectic mix [of old and modern], and is very comfortable.

Unique:  it’s a place where people can feel at home, with a very relaxed atmosphere.

Entertainment: the range in artists varies from folk, to pop, to blues; basically the whole gamut.

Are there any upcoming events at Station 1 Coffeehouse that you would like to promote at this time?

We have three great shows over the next few weeks, including a sold out show with Steve Strongman (March 31).  We look forward to welcoming Trent Severn (April 20) and The Durham County Poets (April 28th) next month.


Station 1 Coffeehouse Contact Info:

Address: 28 Main St E, Grimsby, ON L3M 1M9        Telephone: 905-309-4000

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