“Ghost Behind Your Mind” – New Single and Video From Tyler Gilbert

Tyler Gilbert

Today, Saskatchewan rock troubadour Tyler Gilbert is releasing a brand new song and video for his single “Ghost Behind Your Mind.” This is the second single from his upcoming album “Underdog,” due out in February 2019. The album unveils a new harder rock sound for Gilbert.

This song is about overcoming the dependency of compliments to feel happy about your work or yourself. Finding inner courage and confidence to just be you and not relying on the words of others to achieve this confidence. Being a musician the road is long and hard and it’s especially easy to feel this way.

Tyler Gilbert has always been a voice for the underdog. To find the courage and confidence in one’s self to relentlessly persevere. Do what you want and do it now! His sound has adapted over the years and 5 albums later; from a folk singer/songwriter style to an aggressive hard rock sound with his upcoming album “Underdog.”

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