Interview: Alexis Lynn Releases Debut Single, “Promises”

Alexis Lynn - Promises

Vancouver-based CBC Searchlight’s 2016 Top 20 Under 20 Talent, pop / R&B artist, Alexis Lynn, is releasing her debut single (“Promises”) today.

Alexis has been making waves in the industry, well before the official release of music. In 2016 Alexis Lynn, was honoured as a Fraser Valley Award Nominee. Professionally launching her career in 2015, Alexis won “Best Original Song” and “Audience Favourite” at The Star Experience Songwriting Competition.On the heels of her win, Alexis was a top 10 finalist for “She’s The One” competition at Ottawa Bluesfest. In 2015, Alexis was also one of 10 acts chosen to perform at the Launch Festival in Vancouver.

Splitting time between Toronto and Vancouver, Alexis holds her philanthropy work very close to her heart, actively volunteering with the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Vancouver Downtown Eastside community.

Alexis took a few minutes to talk with us about her new single.

You were selected as one of the Top 20 Under 20 in the 2016 CBC Searchlight contest – how did that process change how you approach songwriting, if at all?

After being selected and seeing all the other competitors songs, it definitely inspired me to keep writing and to strive to work harder! I listened to so many of the other submissions and I think that really helped me learn a variety of writing styles and little tips and tricks other writers use.

Alexis Lynn

What inspired your new song, “Promises”?

My co-writer and I had gone into the write sharing experiences of dealing with people who lie. We started sharing stories and realized how common of an experience it was to have dealt with people who say things they don’t mean or don’t follow through on their word. Whether it was in a relationship or with friends, we both felt pretty fed up (as you can tell from the energy in the song!) and that’s how “Promises” was born!

You’re currently working on your debut EP, I believe – can you give our readers a hint of what they can look forward to?

Yes, I am! There will be some powerful themes and attitudes as heard in “Promises”, some heartbreak, definitely some love songs, and a few other surprises along the way.

You went to Los Angeles to record the single with Daniel Simmons as your producer – can you talk a bit about that experience?

It was a really cool experience. Working with Daniel was amazing, we vibed so well and he’s such a talented young producer. It was a really cool process because we just kept coming up with ideas, and to me, the track is unique because our creative process was so fluid.

As you launch your song out into the world, what do you hope people hear from it?

I hope people are able to relate to the experience whether it’s happened in the past or they’re currently going through it, and I hope it reassures them to know their worth and not put up with being treated less than they deserve. I also hope people just vibe with the track and love it as much as I do.

~ L

Visit Alexis Lynn’s website.

Buy “Promises” on iTunes.

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