New Single From Coco Love Alcorn: “Unbreakable”

Coco Love Alcorn - Wonderland

Coco Love Alcorn has recently released “Unbreakable,” the latest single from her 2016 album “Wonderland.”  Like the rest of that delightful, jazzy album, “Unbreakable” features Coco’s tremendous voice over minimal (but not minimalist) instrumentation and hopeful, empowering lyrics.

Coco wrote the songs on “Wonderland” by layering her own voice on a 5-track looper and sampling herself.  Consequently, the songs offer a strong homage to traditional choral music (including spirituals and jazz), which is refreshing to hear and creates a truly unique and enjoyable sound.  Listen to “Unbreakable” in the video above, and then treat yourself to the rest of the album.

Visit Coco Love Alcorn’s website.

Listen to “Wonderland” on Spotify.

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