New Single: SOLA, “Finding You”

Sola - Finding You

One advantage of social distancing and working remotely from home right now is the opportunity granted to hear plenty of the new music that comes my way on a daily basis.  Randomly playing a few of these new tunes, it quickly led to a self-imposed challenge to find one new single that really sets itself apart from the pack.  And less than 30 seconds into discovering “Finding You,” courtesy of Business Class Records (BCR), I knew that I had stumbled across something incredibly special.

Released just last Friday, Vancouver, BC, rising artist SOLA quickly filled my home office with some stunning soul and jazz infused beats, adding bursts of saxophone and Latin American inspired rhythms to complement her soulful, blues-laced lyrics.  Comparisons arrived quickly during the opening verse, with the likes of Laura Cole, Beatrice Martin and Amy Winehouse springing to mind upon hearing lead vocalist Adriana Parejas, but nothing could prepare me for the arrival of the chorus.  Look out for not only the complete change of pace and intensity of the instrumentation, but the beautifully piercing lines delivered by here:  “I spent all these years trying to find you / Underneath the tunnels of my mind / I kept re-wiring all my limitations so I could reach you again / I kept re-wiring all my limitations so I could reach you again.” 

“Finding You” is a musical playground that encompasses a multitude of genres, reads SOLA’s bio, all of which have been skillfully executed.  The lyrics are a beautifully penned message of self-reclamation and healing; a personal reflection of Adriana’s own memories that came to light in 2016 of being sexually abused in her childhood, and struggles with addiction, depression, and undiagnosed PTSD symptoms prior to that knowledge.  “Finding You is about my relationship to my subconscious where these memories were stored for many years,” she shares. “I always thought that I wasn’t doing something ‘right’ in life, that other people were able to create the lives that they wanted because they had more money or had access to better opportunities.  I had no idea that my numbing behaviour was directly connected to the experiences I had earlier in my life.”

SOLA is defined as “to stand on ones own” in Spanish, which ties nicely to Adriana’s own Argentinean heritage; roots that empower her in the journey to find her own identity and independence as an emerging artist. “Absolute bliss is my revelation / When I hear myself breathe I connect to your stars, your moon and I let go of my mind / I let go of my mind,” she recites, before one last brief musical interlude and drawing this impressive single to a close.  For those curious about SOLA and looking to learn more about “Finding You,” check out their website at, and be sure to catch an exclusive single release live stream event between 6pm-7pm PT on their Facebook page tomorrow night.

Photo Credit: Adam Rashid

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