New Video: “For Loving You,” Nancy Laberge

Nancy Laberge

Alberta-based Nancy Laberge has released a new video for the song “For Loving You,” the latest single from her current album “When We Were Friends.”

Many Albertans are already familiar with the Calgary-based singer/songwriter through her past efforts, as well as through being a fixture on the provincial scene. But with this second solo outing, Laberge has made a dramatic leap forward both in her own songwriting style and production approach, leaving little doubt that she’s ready for the national stage. Coming off her previous album, “Write From The Heart,” Laberge’s extensive journey in creating “When We Were Friends” began with the spark of the heart-wrenching title track, a glimpse into her past experiences.

The results range from the instantly ear-catching opener “Meant For You & Me,” to the driving twang of “For Loving Me,” and the stomping and witty “Next Big Thing.” The overall range Laberge displays throughout When We Were Friends suggests that she could fall into any number of current roots music categories, although in the end it contains only one sound, her own.

Watch the new video below, and then listen to the entire album on Spotify.  (If you like it, be sure to save it to your collection or, even better, purchase it from her website or see her live.)

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