Single Release: Black Suit Devil, “Firefly”

Firefly - Black Suit Devil

Having launched their first new single, “A Matter Of Time,” last Spring, the Toronto-based acoustic-soul band Black Suit Devil are releasing their second teaser track, “Firefly,” today.  Following up from their impressive 2017 debut album, “The Freedom Sessions,” this latest single from their upcoming sophomore album places the band back in the spotlight once more.  Moreover, just like “A Matter Of Time,” “Firefly” once again demonstrates a significant shift in both the sound and growth of the band since that initial release; a shift that reflects not only a sense of continued maturity, but a deeper connection with their audience.

Led by singer-songwriter Andy Du Rego, “Firefly” encompasses an incredible big-band sound, courtesy of a talented pool of musicians brought together for this single.  Joining regular BSD band-mates John Brand (piano), Wesley Collett-Taylor (bass) and Costa Chatzis (drums), are Nelson Sobral (guitars) and JUNO award winner Lance Anderson (Hammond organ).  Adding extra depth to the single are the talents of both Tanya Porter (percussion) and Mae Cromwell (vocals), giving “Firefly” a truly multi-dimensional sound.

Hit immediately with some stunning retro rock riffs from both Sobral’s guitar and Anderson’s B3,  Du Rego’s distinct raspy vocals are ever-present, but noticeably up-tempo in delivery, combining for a sound that oozes the charm of a Southern boogie style.  “[This] is a straight up classic rock n’ roll tune a la The Black Crowes, The Rolling Stones [and] Joe Cocker,” offers Du Rego; echoing the instant connection I made to the influential sounds of former Black Crowes vocalist, Chris Robinson, and modern-day troubadour Ray LaMontagne.

Combining their new sound with plenty of blues and roots influences, the band also add some gospel tinged flavor to “Firefly,” courtesy of Mae’s incredibly powerful backing vocals.  Best known for her work with Toronto funk-soul band, GRACE, Mae flexes her impressive vocal cords to this song, adding the rare and extra special spice that Merry Clayton provided Mick Jagger on “Gimme Shelter.”  Believe me when I state that this is not a comparison I would make lightly, but Cromwell packs a huge punch here, helping to propel this one into the Stratosphere.

Mixed by Dan Hosh at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, ON, and mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering, Du Rego certainly appears comfortable and confident with this sound.  “This song is about getting into some trouble in the Catskill Mountains in New York with some good friends at a rock show,” he mentioned to me earlier this year.  Black Suit Devil may not be looking for trouble with this new-found highly energetic sound, but “Firefly” is certainly a great catalyst to open many new doors and be embraced by a much wider, connected audience.  Based on the vibe and good hearted nature of this release, Du Rego once again demonstrates his uncanny ability to adapt to new surroundings, and is clearly having a lot of fun in the process.  Highly recommended listening.

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