Single Release: Geneviève Racette, “From Friends To Strangers”

Genevieve Racette

“But it hurts to know / If I knocked on your door / It wouldn’t open / And we can’t go / Back to what we had before / But I keep hoping / ‘Cause I never gave you my heart / No, I never gave you my heart / But you still broke it.” 

Having shared the stunning debut single from The Waverley Pickers just seven days ago, we really thought we could kick back and rest on our laurels for a while – that corker of a tune was quite the discovery. Yeah, so much for that plan! We’d be foolish to think that the great Canadian folk-roots scene would offer such a reprieve, and even more so if we passed on the opportunity to share news of this beautiful new single from Montréal, QC singer-songwriter Geneviève Racette being released today. 

“From Friends to Strangers” follows perfectly from Geneviève’s previous single, “Same Old Me,” back in February, and both do more than tease us about the new music set to appear on her upcoming fourth studio album, “Golden,” that shall tentatively follow this fall. Indeed, and especially for those already familiar with the artist, both singles offer yet more insight into Racette’s world through her expressive narrative and delicate songwriting.   

Genevieve Racette

Co-written with fellow Canadian songwriters Danielle Knibbe and Barbra Lica, “From Friends to Strangers” is a poignant exploration of fractured bonds, particularly in the realm of friendships. “I woke up last night / From the middle of a dream / You and I were driving / Down Montréal streets / With the stereo blasting / Music from the 90s / You turned those memories / Into something ugly / With your words.”  This trio of songwriters tackle the often overlooked and easily dismissed notion of losing a valued friendship, demonstrating both authenticity and camaraderie to construct their narrative of how such breakups can be as agonizing and impactful as long-term romantic separations. 

With her strong and emotive vocal delivery, “From Friends to Strangers” finds Geneviève delving deeply into this topic with plenty of raw honesty as she articulates the pain of unspoken words and shattered trust. “But I’ve been trying to find you / In places where we used to hang out / You went and changed us / From friends to strangers / With your words.” These are lines that resonate deeply, capturing perfectly the difficult and consequential silent void left in the wake of that friendship’s demise. 

Geneviève, together with co-producer and collaborator François-Pierre Lue, crafts a stunning sonic landscape to complement the introspective lyrics – resulting in a haunting melody that echoes the bittersweet memories of our own lost connections and friendships that drifted apart. Racette just makes it seemingly so easy, demonstrating once again her uncanny ability to navigate through a variety of complex emotions and subjects with her musical gifts. 

Photo Credit: Catherine Deslauriers 

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