Single Release: T. Buckley & Mariel Buckley, “Bobcaygeon”

T. Buckley/Mariel Buckley, "Bobcaygeon"

I got to your house this mornin’ / Just a little after nine / In the middle of that riot / Couldn’t get you off my mind.”

Calgary, AB siblings T. Buckley and Mariel Buckley remain long-time favorites of ours here at GDW, with both artists featured several times on our pages over the years detailing their individual works. So, imagine our delight when seeing their joint announcement of joining forces for a small string of concert dates around their home province later this month. When these two talented siblings hit the road together, we can expect magic to happen, right?  Well, “Hey Presto,” as they say in The Magic Circle, as T. and Mariel unleash their own magical moment today with the release of not only a stunning duet, but a cover of a classic and much-loved Tragically Hip tune.

T. Buckley’s most recent album, “Frame By Frame,” was released back in November 2021, yet somehow flew beneath our radar until the early part of this year.  But, and no different to any of his previous releases, once heard, was not easily forgotten, as T. continued to articulate his unique insight about family, community, love, and friendship – all through the power of song.  As such a gifted songwriter, why then did T. choose to consider a cover for this latest single?  “This version of Bobcaygeon came about shortly after Gord Downie passed away,” T. recalls. “There was a CKUA fundraiser concert happening down at Ironwood in Calgary that Mariel and I were both playing some tunes at and we wanted to do something by the Hip to honour what they meant to us musically.”

T. Buckley/Mariel Buckley

Mariel Buckley’s critically acclaimed album, “Everywhere I Used To Be,” was released this past summer, and proved impossible to ignore. As a contender for my own year-end album list honors, we once again encounter an artist who remains unapologetically genuine, wry, and soft-hearted – tossing in plenty of pedal steel, heavy synth pads, and vibrant guitars to deliver another outstanding collection of roots-Americana songs that seep quickly into your soul.  “I wrote this album for losers and underdogs. I want every outsider and lost soul to feel seen and safe with these songs,” Mariel shares. “I wrote it for anyone who’s ready to make a change, and especially for those who aren’t.”

Collaborations between siblings often make for some of the best music – that natural chemistry always shining through (for example, The Bros. Landreth, Cassie & Maggie, Jill & Matthew Barber). So, just how did T. Buckley and Mariel Buckley decide to record and release this cover version today?   “I started playing around with trying to fingerpick Bobcaygeon and it just seemed to fall into place. I played it for Mariel and she jumped right in with a second vocal part,” T. offers. “One of the great things about singing with your sibling, I’ve found, is that you don’t have to work very hard on vocal phrasing [because] you’re already kind of wired the same way.”  “The Tragically Hip have long been a favourite and influential band for both of us, and we had a great time recording a stripped-down cover,” Mariel adds. “In a season of nostalgia, it’s really fun to put out something with Tim, who has long been one of my fav musicians and people since birth.

So, I’m at your house this mornin’ / Just a little after nine / ‘Cause it was in Bobcaygeon / Where I saw the constellations / Reveal themselves one star at a time.”

Photo Credit: Sebastian Buzzalino (T. Buckley & Mariel Buckley)

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