Snappy Single: Hudsy, “My Love”

We have commented several times lately about the friendships and connections made with independent artists who discovered this online journal of ours, and how we love to hear their stories and learn about their music.  And we are happy to report that introductory emails and messages continue to arrive, and while we can’t promise to get to each and every one, we really do try to keep up.  But when we learned of an artist who was referred to us through a mutual musician-friend, one whom we featured earlier this year, we were keen to learn more from this tiered connection.

Originally from Dauphin, MB, but now residing in Evansville, IN, singer-songwriter Eddie Hudson (Hudsy) reached out to us to share a very personal tale about his single, “My Love.”  Although released back in September, 2018, the fact that this one had not crossed our radar until now certainly justifies sharing it here for our audience, many of whom may have missed out too.  Spending time living and street performing in London, UK, Hudsy discovered a unique way to raise funds for his relocation back to North America, wanting to be closer to Nashville, and with plans to get married.  “In London, I started writing songs on the spot for people on the street, and now I’ve taken it online to fundraise for my wedding, move, and visa,” he explains.  “People chip in a few bucks and I spend a day writing them a song.  It’s nerve-racking to put unfinished material out so quickly, but it’s also been a rush writing so much.”

While this story is not too different than that of many other aspiring musicians, I’m not sure the masses have faced the personal and physical challenges as endured by Hudsy on this musical journey.  Per his online bio, he encountered “strange symptoms while playing, including numbness of hands, numbness of feet, limping, and finally blindness in his right eye.”  He would later be diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, and upon reflection, became further determined to make his move to the UK in pursuit of a music career.  And after just a few short years of living in London, Hudsy wrote and released “My Love,” his debut single, mastered at Abbey Road studios, and inspired by his fiance’s ongoing battle with Bipolar disorder and depression.

Clocking in with a run time of 4:26, “My Love” starts out as a standard acoustic singer-songwriter number, and given the subject matter, has some beautifully crafted lyrics. “I know it’s hard to fight through the dark / And I know it’s hard to smile without a spark / I can’t imagine the pain, I can’t decipher the way / To help you when it seems to rain every single day.”  Pay attention, and you’ll notice the momentum start to develop in his voice right around the 2:00 mark, and then, BOOM – the pulsating sensations of the added drums, bass, keys, and amped up guitar at 2:54.  My own ears detect a slight similarity to Stephen Stanley in those vocals right around the 3:42 frame, when the music subsides for a brief moment to allow Hudsy to declare, “Even when it’s broke, it’s always yours!”  And as we hit 4:10, the band have disappeared, the solo acoustic sound having returned, and eventual close; a sequence of lows, highs, and lows once more that perfectly reflect the challenges faced in this real world relationship.  “My aim is that this song brings more awareness to the fight for those with mental illness, and that it sends a message to those who suffer,” Hudsy shares.  “[That] you are not alone, trust in love and never give up hope.”

Photo credit: Louis Brown

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