Snappy Single: In The City, “Every Single Day”

In the City

With all of the great folk-roots music that continues to cross our paths here at GDW, it has become quite the juggling act to try and feature new music that made a quick impression upon us.  No complaints though!  While there’s plenty of choices, when we find something that we embrace on the first listen, we will always endeavor to share with our audience.

Receiving the latest single from Toronto based folk-duo, In The City, just over a month ago, this deeply moving and personal ballad grabbed my attention from the opening gentle strokes of the piano.  Known for their dreamy sounds, catchy melodies and haunting harmonies, the duo of Ashley Jane and Timon Wientzek do not disappoint with their recent release, “Every Single Day.”  “[This single] is about the quiet emptiness that envelopes your home when someone you love is no longer there,” Timon explains.  “Following the passing of Ashley’s mom from cancer, we rewrote some of the lyrics to better reflect her father’s perspective – what it’s like to live alone in the house you shared with your life partner.”

Recorded at Timon’s home studio, “Every Single Day” captures both the sentimentality and reflective nature of dealing with the loss of a loved one perfectly.  The duo added a string quartet to further accentuate both the emotions and nostalgia being offered.  “Loss can be a very difficult thing to talk about,” the duo add. “It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to feel grief. It’s okay to profoundly miss somebody.”  The raw and passionate tale is ever-present, found in the incredibly slow and melodic pace, the soothing piano and strings, and, of course, in the stunning two-part harmonies.  And while Ashley raises her lead an extra octave during the bridge, the duo entrust a very legitimate companion to truly convey their sense of pain and sadness; some haunting lap-steel.  “Our friend Steve Krecklo played lap-steel which provided a beautiful and ethereal layer that really elevated Every Single Day for us,” they offer.  “It was amazing to be surrounded by musicians that understood the story we wanted to tell.”

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