Special #ThursdayTunesday Edition

Tunes on Thursday

And why, may we ask, can’t Thursday be a Tunesday just like Tuesday?  In addition to the holiday music filling our inbox, we’ve recently received some terrific non-holiday songs… so we’re sharing them with you today.

Jon Stancer, “Not Far From the Truth”

Jon Stancer is mad as hell and he’s not taking it anymore. Like many of us, the Toronto singer/songwriter has become fed up with the daily barrage of lies emanating from south of the border to the point that he’s chosen to fight back in the best way he knows how — with a pull-no-punches single and video entitled “Not Far From The Truth.”

“Like millions of people around the world, I’ve been dismayed, angered, outraged and at times, terrified at what’s been happening in the U.S. over the last few years,” Stancer says. “It appears though, that the walls may be starting to close in on POTUS and that revelations may soon come to light – so I thought now would be a good time to bring out this song.”

Although Stancer admits that he wanted “Not Far From The Truth” to reflect the sinister atmosphere fostered by the Trump administration, he adds his overall intention was to write a hopeful song to inspire people to continue demanding the truth from politicians and to support the media who report on them.

Visit Jon Stancer’s website.


Wintersleep, “Surrender”

Wintersleep has released the opening track from their forthcoming LP, “Surrender.” The somber, misty waltz sees Tim D’Eon’s guitar, pushing through dark, rippling triplets that patiently ascend and descend, heralding a record that is in no rush: it is purposeful and spacious. Paul Murphy’s voice enters the fray: ‘36 years young / Halfway to my tomb,’ he intones. Steadily and surely, Loel Campbell’s drums creep in with gentle snare and kick, along with Chris Bell’s bass, and Jon Samuel’s keys. These elements coalesce, quiet at first before exploding in a magnificent, cinematic crescendo as Murphy howls, ‘I surrender to you!’

Murphy explains that it’s a love song, wrapped up in the relinquishing of control over one’s feelings. It introduces a strain of anti-heroism and fatalism that is present through the record, one that is on some level wrought with existential worry. Campbell frames it as “the struggle that lots of people go through: of meaning, purpose. Are you happy? Are you doing the right things for yourself?”

Visit Wintersleep’s website.


Buckman Coe, “Be Free”

Vancouver roots musician Buckman Coe recently released ‘Be Free,” the second single from his new full-length album Gathering Storm set for release on February 22nd, 2019, through Tonic Records.

‘Be Free’ is about having the freedom to truly be yourself which is evident right off the top, when the song starts with the line: “Life’s too short to not get what you want.” Buckman also went back to his R&B/soul roots while writing and recording the song.

“Growing up listening to the inspirational uplifting soul sounds of Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, and Marvin Gaye has certainly influenced my writing in recent years,” said Buckman Coe. “We went to town with a 70’s inspired string section, handled masterfully by Meghan Engel. And it also features renowned soul-singers Tonye Aganaba and Erica Dee to assist with that classic feel. I love shamelessly optimistic and encouraging soul music. ‘Be Free’ is a throwback to an era of music delivering messages of Universal Love and a groovalicious booty-shaking feel-goodness.”

For the”Be Free” video, Buckman Coe expanded on the Universal Love message with the help of director Rosalee Yagihara, who assembled an almost all-female team of of film professionals to shoot a cinematic one-shot video at retro club The Emerald in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Visit Buckman Coe’s website.


Tara Macri, “Meet Me on Mars”

Rising Toronto-born, L.A.-based pop artist Tara Macri embarks on an extraterrestrial journey with her new single “Meet Me On Mars,” available now from L.A. indie label 10 Count Records in both official and acoustic versions. Co-written by Tara, Andrea England, and Henri Lunetta, produced by David Kim and Isaac Valens, and mixed by multiple Grammy Award winner Chris Lord-Alge, the song was inspired by the never-ending push to explore and expand our boundaries.

“Even though I’m singing about getting to Mars, the song is a love story with the idea that Mars needs to be a place where everyone can go and be anything you want with anyone you want,” Tara says. “It’s a fresh start with no one there to judge you and where you can be your best self.” She adds, “Having performed and danced my whole life on and off Broadway, I wanted to incorporate a dance element with the song and performance. I’m really proud of the dance video and how it turned out… so hey Elon Musk, when you plan the first dance party on Mars, let’s make sure this track starts the playlist!”

Visit Tara Macri’s website.



Photo credits: Norman Wong (Wintersleep), Celine Pinget (Buckman Coe)

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