#TuesdayTunesDay, 11 September 2018: nêhiyawak, Wooden Horsemen, The Bandicoots, S.K. Wellington

TuesdayTunesday, 11 Sept 2018

We’ve accumulated another great collection of new songs in our inbox, so sit back with a beverage of your choice, kick your feet up, and enjoy some great new Canadian music.

nêhiyawak, “page” (featuring Marilyn Dumont)

nêhiyawak hails from amiskwaciy in Treaty 6 Territory. The trio of Indigenous Canadian artists – Kris Harper (vocals, guitars), Marek Tyler (drums), and Matthew Cardinal (synths, bass) – transcends a new intersection of contemporary sound and traditional storytelling.

On Sunday, nêhiyawak released “page,” accompanied by a music video for the deliberate and enveloping new song posted today courtesy of Exclaim!, both featuring acclaimed Indigenous writer Marilyn Dumont and her incisive poem “Otipemisiwak: The Free People.” The release date of “page,” September 9, marks the anniversary of the last of the preliminary signings of Treaty 6 that took place at Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan, the exact site of other very important parts of later Indigenous and Canadian history.

Visit nêhiyawak on Facebook.


Wooden Horsemen, “Lies”

Wooden Horsemen’s forthcoming album ‘Past Lives’ (coming in November) stands both as a fiery testament to the gospel spirit of the American South and an intimate acknowledgement of the relationship between music and spirituality.  The first single, “Lies,” is an eloquent example of this ethos.

Swampy, sweaty and downright dirty blues lay the foundation for ethereal harmonies and a blazing horn section, resulting in a gritty, powerful and ultimately unforgettable live experience.

Wooden Horsemen has been a constant on the Western Canadian festival circuit since the release of ‘Sentient’ in 2016, and the band looks forward to hitting the road once again with the release of ‘Past Lives’ in November of 2018.

Visit Wooden Horsemen’s website.


The Bandicoots, “Shady Lane”

The Bandicoots are an indie rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. The band was formed in 2014 by Nicolai Kozel (Guitar), Andrew Parkinson (Drums and Vocals), Lorant Polya (Bass) and Justin Ross (Guitar and Vocals).

After self-releasing two EPs (‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ 2015; ‘Quarters at the Penny-Arcade’ 2016), the band quickly gained recognition in their hometown, finding themselves playing to sold out crowds.  The 1970s-flavored “Shady Lane” is their newest single.

Visit The Bandicoots’ website.

S.K. Wellington, “Moments Bliss”

In her new guise as solo singer/songwriter, Sarah Kemmer has released “Moments Bliss” from her upcoming EP.  (Longtime readers of this blog may recall Sarah’s previous band, Wellington Folk.)  This lovely celebration of living in the moment, and experiencing all that the moment has to offer, is an oh-so-welcome return for Sarah’s gorgeous voice and songwriting.  (For those of you in Calgary, Sarah and her colleagues will be playing at the Ironwood Stage and Grill on 20 September.)

Visit S.K. Wellington’s website.

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